Mo’ money Ritual

*recycled candle wax from a green candle (to make a new one)

*candle wick
*candle holder 

*peppermint oil
*dollar bill dressed in money drawing oil and satchet powder
*your petition 
 Make a new candle by melting the wax on the stovetop or on the microwave.Then place a fresh candle wick inside of a candle holder. Make sure the wick is secure. You can use glue. Pour in the hot wax. Cut off the access wick and place in the refrigerator for one hour to cool. Remove the candle from the fridge and place the dollar bill underneath. Light the candle and chant these words while focusing your intention on your wealth. 
“Money stay with me money don’t leave, money stay with me I don’t want to grieve. Money stay with me please keep growing, money stay with me keep the cash box flowing” 
Burn as often as you need or all at once. Bury the remains to the east of your property. Be sure to feed your ritual remains with whiskey, chamber lye or coins. Do whatever pleases the spirit you chose. 

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