Basic Altar set up

When you set up your altar, remember the five elements. Earth, water, air, fire, spirit.  Put down a pretty piece of cloth. One with the triple moon would be decent butyou can use whatever you want. Place your earth to the north. Earth could be flowers, graveyard dirt, crossroads dirt, rocks, stones, crystals, herbs, sticks or whatever else you choose to represent earth. Choose accordingly to the spell or ritual youare doing. If you are making an ancestral altar, you might want to leave it there.

Then, place your bowl of water to the    West. An example of water could be Florida water, holy water (if you are catholic ), spring water, river water, kananja water , money drawing cologne, four thieves vinegar, road opener cologne or whatever other spiritual water you choose. Choose one that is pleasing to the spirits you work with. They may ask you to use a              particular kind of water for their offering.
Next, place your incense to the East. Dragons blood incense is good for protection. Altar incense is an all purpose incense for any kind of ritual or spell. Frankincense, myrrh and spirit guide helps you connect better with the spirits, but there are lots of different incenses and resins to         choose from to burn on your altar. Last, place your fire yo the south. This could be your couldron but if you are doing your ritual indoors I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t be a good idea so many use candles. Candles come in all kinds, vigil, votive, taper, chime, pillar, and so forth. In the center, you are going to put whatever you want according to the spell or ritual being performed. This could be pentacles , charms orwhatever else you want.
You can place pictures of your ancestors on your altar or not. You can change your set up daily or you can leave it like it is and refresh it when you need to. The choice is yours. But This is a basic altar set up. Thanks for reading and remember to comment in the comment section below if you have anything you would like to share!

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