6 ways to deal with Triggers, uncomfortable emotions and high risk situations

feelings of abandonment and confusion -do something to distract yourself. feeling like you have no privacy – if that is a situation you have no control over. Face it. being told what to do and controlled 24/7– take the constructive advice from others. being teased- ignore it or do something fun. being alone and neglected with no where to turn.- stay safe spending too much time on social media-fall back and say less. 
Quick SpellWrite down your fears , uncomfortable emotions or whatever is bothering you on a piece of brown paper pag or kraft paper. Then burn it to flames, add a pinch of Cheyenne pepper as you curse the list. Spit on it and bury it in the ground at the crossroads with a one dollar bill offered to the spirit you invoked that was calling out to you as you were burning the list. 
Have more ways to deal with triggers?Like and comment and share below!

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