Black magic hex

To hex your annoying pest enemy that just won’t go away try this hex…

•3 gold coins
•item of the enemy 
•black arts oil
•black art satchet powder
•sandalwood incense 
•ammonia water
•crossing powder 
•black pepper
•the hangman tarot 
•black permanent marker 
Dress the candle with the black arts oils d satchet powder. Anoint the enemy itemwith black arts oil and burn to flames. Put the ashes in a wide fireproof dish along with 3 gold coins. Light the incense and place the bowl of water on the altar. Dressed the hang man card with black arts oil. Write the enemy name three times on the back of the card .Burn the candle on top the card inside the dish with the ashes.Sprinkle black pepper and crossing powder around the candle. Declare your commands and yell them. When the candle isdone burning , bury the remains near the home of the victim or toss into a stream of running water. 

**Be sure to properly invoke the dieties and properly dispose of the ritual remains such as burial, in a lake, or at the crossroads in order to have a better result. ****

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