How to make a Original voodoo doll

•2 sticks

• Spanish moss
• cloth
•needle & thread
• cowrie shells
•super glue
1. Take the two sticks and tie them together to form the shape of a cross. Then take the Spanish moss and wrap it around the two sticks until no more of the sticks are showing.
2. After that take the cloth and wrap it around the Spanish moss but leave a little bit of the Spanish moss out at each four corners of the doll, to resemble the head, arms and leg.
3. Sew the cloth with the needle and thread to to secure it.
4. Take two cowrie shells and glue them for the eyes. Then, take your needle and thread stitch one line going horizontally underneath the mouth. Then, stitch going up and down, up and down until the mouth looks like it has been stitched shut.
4. Lastly , take the sequin and decorate the doll however you wish . You can decorate it to resemble the person you are using it for. Add other pieces of fabric   If you wish.
Bless your dollBless your doll by making your declarations over it , invoking the spirits and waving it through a thick layer of Hi Altar incense smoke.  

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