Beware of fake preachers,pimps, and street dealers

These creeps and organizations roam the streets preying on innocent victims , especially the homeless, take them into their homes promising them a better life and then end up holding theM hostage against their will. They give them toiletries, food and sometimes money. Eventually , they want something in return and if not, they put you on the streets after they have robbed you of everything , even your soul. 

They usually start off telling you things like “the only thing required of this house is to 

•go to  a Christian church on sundays, 

•have a job 

•do not have guest “

But then after you get trapped in these situations you realize these people are not who they really say they are. They invite you on bus trips with a so called “church family” and sometimes the bus drivers human traffick the single vurlnerable women. They purchase a hotel for them, separate from the people they traveled with, and then they proceed to take advantage of them, sometimes even taking pornographic pictures in which they hold on to , and later use for blackmailing if they threaten to leave. Some of them will even use the photos to post sex ads on the internet to traffick other young women, who look nothing like the photos, and scam the Johns into purchasing the girl. They promise the vulnerable women free bus trips, free trips to Vegas, and free hotel rooms. Then, once they get the girl or girls there,they traffick them. 

The victim then usually returns home to their address feeling empty, poor and used. Their parents , spouse,guardians or head of household add no solution to the ongoing problem. They usually end up neglecting the girl or girls and telling them they can no longer stay in the house anymore because they are unemployed. Then the girls return to their trafficker for money and a place to stay , or they flee to larger cities such as New York and Los Angeles and end up with a whole new trafficker. The traffickers know which girls are homeless and who they are going to choose. Often, The traffickers also target victims living in government subsidized housing units. This cycle of abuse is deadly. Not all traffickers are good. A lot of them beat the women into submission and throw them away when they are done. They never stop flexing on them. They usually have multiple cars, lots of money and a lot of followers on Instagram. 

Their victims are usually scared of hospitals and other facilities and low income neighborhoods because of the violence and disrespect that takes place there, so they feel as though being with their pimp makes them feel more secure and free. But it doesnt. All pimps replace their girls frequently. Nothing is ever forever and the girls usually end up on drugs or washed up. Then they replace them with better looking , more popular,educated, lighter toned, or even Caucasian or Asian prey. And they keep them.