How to handle creeps, pedophiles, rapist and weirdos when they try to attack you

Don’t be surprised if they try to turn on you at the last minute. That’s what jealous people and undiagnosed bipolar patients and people with narcissistic personality disorder do. You have to deal with them. You are not capable of living on your own because you have be robbed of your rights and privacy. Just deal with the pressure and hate and don’t let it get to you. Those people are extremely sick and they have multiple flaws that can be pointed out just by looking at them. Ignore them. If your a woman and other women abuse you just look like them like they’re a man since they act the same way. Just picture them being a whole butch with a penis between their legs because that’s what they’re trying to be. 

Those nasty stink people get sick and mad when you won’t let them abuse you on a regular. They they wait and try to come back when you’re more vulnerable. Watch out . They don’t have nothing but time.every time those spying sick creeps come around you just keep a log of their name, time, date and what they said or did to you. This is very important information and you do not want to lose it. Be very careful they are watching. 

When you’re on the block beware of people parking their car in suspicious locations while you’re standing there. They don’t move their car they just sit there with the car running and it’s very obvious they could’ve parked somewhere else. Also , beware of anyone that has raped you or molested you, to protect your enemies, they all run in packs together and they need each other for support when preying on their victims. Also, beware of fake rappers because a lot of them are undercover police officers and federal agents. They rape, torture and abuse innocent women who lack family support and can’t speak for themselves. A lot of them travel with guns such as .38 caliber handguns, 48s , and semi automatic rifles and these sex traffickers aren’t usually not planning to be your security or your protection, but to isolate you and use the gun on you themselves, which can be the most isolating , scariest feeling in the world.