Rules to smoking marijuana during Covid and How to roll the perfect Organic Hemp Wrap

Let’s face it, everyone knows that there are diseases out there in the world spreading everyday and COVID -19 is one of them. Here are some tips to stay safe during the pandemic when you have to remove your face mask to smoke with your friends or even by yourself.

Rule number 1: Cleanse hands before and after rolling or smoking blunt. Wash your hands 3 times or use hand sanitizer or a disinfectant wipe. That is common sense.

Rule number 2: Do not smoke with people they gotta smoke they own separate blunt. If they must smoke they must roll up their own joint or have a pre roll ready.

Rule number Three: Wash hands again and Put on a new pair of disposable gloves. Do not touch anything.

These are the Symptoms of CoronaVirus:

•fever or chills


•shortness of breath


•sore throat

•muscle or body aches


•new loss of taste or smell




•congestion or runny nose

If you must party or smoke with your friends during the pandemic, please be safe. Always wear a face mask and illuminate any unsafe practices of not washing your hands.

How to roll a Organic Hemp Wrap

After smoking marijuana for quite some years, I found out that smoking organic hemp wraps is a lot healthier than smoking blunts because they contain tobacco and nicotine that are unhealthy for your overall health and lungs. I usually use High Hemp organic Wraps but today I am using Natty organic hemp wraps because they were the only Organic wraps I could find nearby.

Step 1: First you are going to start by gathering your weed. Break the weed down by using a grinder.

A strain of Bubba Kush which contains up to 27% THC

Step two : Take your hemp wrap, stuffer ,and filter out of the package. Sometimes I like to tear off a strip of the wrap if I don’t want to stuff the blunt too full but that is entirely up to you. Place the filter on the left side of the blunt and then begin to start stuffing the blunt with the cannabis starting from the left end to the right. Continue to lick the sides of the blunt to seal in the weed without using gross amounts of saliva. Until you have reached the tip of the blunt.

Step Three: Last but not least , take any remaining weed and use the weed stuffer to stuff it neatly inside the blunt wrap. And there you have it , a neatly rolled organic wrap full of pot. If you tore of any piece of the wrap, or tore it in half , you can use those pieces to roll a wrap that does not contain a filter.

the pre-rolls at the top contain a filter , the ones at the bottom do not.