Facebook and Instagram are annoying platforms to use to protect myself against ephebophiles, sex traffickers, gays, cyber-bullies and rapist because most of them are on there

How social media has affected my life in a gruesome way

I really hate using Facebook. Everytime I try to speak my mind about something the ehpebophiles and hebophiles ignore me, bully me or snitch on me, like jealous, envious, racist, mentally retarded, two year olds. I was using Facebook to promote my travel botanica (http://Www.BotanicaSantaMuerte.com) and then the jealous bullies with most nastiest disgusting attitudes, start coming for me because they feel as though I’m not good enough, light skin enough, smart enough, or popular enough to do anything important with my life other than letting them abuse me, bully me, sex traffick me, or harass me. It’s the most disgusting, disturbing situation I have ever seen in the history of all mankind. They usually constantly keep stalking me , bullying me and coming for me until they get me to say something outrageous and get blocked or end up in Facebook jail instead of real one for trying to protect myself from them. I’m not too fond of sex traffickers or different groups of nasty people and families.

A screenshot of me using my voice on Instagram before the account was viciously deleted by moderators

Most recently in late April 2021, my Instagram account (which was connected to my Facebook) got completely deleted. I permanently deleted my Facebook shortly after. I’ve never had a Tik Tok account, but I did have a Snapchat, which I also permanently deleted for good. I haven’t made another once since. I don’t know anyone on social media, I have no family in real life, and almost 90% of the bullies, stalkers, and sex traffickers came from there. A lot of the people that followed me I had never even met, and the ones I have met was either a dope fiend, a bully, a rapist, a hebophile, a ephebophile, a stalker, or just a flat out unsupportive, sickening, asshole. I was in Facebook jail and silenced for several months over 30 times before the final deletion. I was also on Twitter somewhere around 2010-2015 before getting bullied off of there never to return again. I decided not to use social media anymore. Now, I only use a few music platforms, and YouTube. If you see me on any social media accounts- they’re fake. Social Media is very disgusting and alot of the bad things that happened to me were caused by cyber bullies and creeps. I’m not on there anymore and I still receive numerous death threats, even to this day.

” I don’t know anyone on social media, I have no family in real life, and almost 90% of the bullies, stalkers, and sex traffickers came from there.”

— Oya Obinidodo

How the presence of the greats help me heal 

Before being bullied into an Instagram deletion, I was being inspired by rich celebrity artist, business owners and Hollywood moguls in the United States and all around the world. For the most part I was focusing on the good. It backfired, but that is okay. I have taken every failure and turned it around for the better. It is not an easy thing to do. 

Learning to handle bullying as an adult

It’s really disturbing having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety and depression, most recently from my birth fathers downing back in 2018, and having schitzo-affective disorder from being being bullied, abused and neglected by every sickening man creep and every abusive sickening female pedophile around me around me and not being able to speak up for myself or have a internet platform to stand on. Even in 2022, people still think it’s cool to be nasty gangbangers, strippers, pedophiles, have incest with their cousins, daughters, and nephews, mess people and children up, be rapist and stalkers, snitches, thieves, sickening lesbians, religious Jesus freaks, and swingers but I don’t. I’m a parent (a single one who has no time for pedophiles and lesbians ), and I have a right to protect myself from them just like anyone else because I know how to take care of myself and I think that’s why they are so cruel. They want me to hopeless, unloved, smelly, dirty, left for dead, constantly looking over my shoulders, and neglected instead of healthy, happy, glowing with an amazing drive and happy attitude. I’ve also had to deal with lots of bullying, racisim, abuse and neglect in the workplace , but I’m not going to let those sociopathic, ugly bonnet wearing people and subsidized housing weirdos and nasty white racist do anything else to me. Regardless of weather they like me or respect me.

A photo of me in early 2021 living at the Club Quarters hotel in Washington, DC – near the Whitehouse, after being brutally beaten, raped, and trafficked multiple times Homepage – Thea Arnold