A black magic occult ritual

I believe this is a message from God. God told me to send all pedophiles and rapist to hell by setting their soul on fire with a chant. God said that…..I am being used by Satan to erase all pedophiles,  gay people, and lame corny whores off the face  of the earth and I am proud to carry out this duty. I want to give my soul to Satan in the art of carrying out this particular deed…

“Dear Satan , Lucifer, Lord of all entities I invoke you into my circle. I pray that you will assist me in the war against snitches, lesbians, homosexuals, liars, lame women, adulterers, bullies, rapist, pedophiles and creeps so they will be immediately wiped off of the face of this earth in the most gruesome, torturous way.

So mote it be”

Say this prayer 100 times while burning 5 black candles .This petition can be written in bats blood or dragons blood on parchment paper with a candle burning on top of it and will be even more potent with the sacrificing of a baby chicken. There is no need to complain about the scarification of the chicken if that is what you eat. Other ritual tools you can use include a athame (which is basically just a sword or a ceremonial blade), an image or statue of Baphomet , an image of a pentacle or one made of black salt, dragons blood incense and a chalice full of blood.

Photo by Lucas Pezeta on Pexels.com