What type of cold hearted killer kills their own fetus? :Women who kill their fetuses are sick

Let’s take a closer look at death. Why do women have abortions and why does the person who helped produce the fetus support that idea? It is disgusting. Who allows these trifling abortion clinics to exist? I don’t care how much poverty a woman is in, it takes a cold hearted, evil, wicked, selfish, sickening soul to not want to bring their own precious child into this world. Even people in poverty don’t kill their fetuses. Women who have abortions produce  a sickening breed of evil that is on the way to being explained. These type of women are too gross for forgiveness. 

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They blame the abortion on poverty but there are too many government programs that will help those poor women raise their children. They can research abortion but can’t research welfare, food stamps, free pre natal clinics, free baby supplies, and W.I.C. You can not escape your responsibility. I don’t care if you heard about abortion clinics, they know what they are doing is selfish. It would be even wiser to just birth the child and give it up for adoption than to just kill the whole unborn baby. That type of act is cruel, cold ,selfish, and undeserving of a second chance. The greedy weird men that support this idea are also heartless and cruel. Even some killers and criminals don’t support that idea. Who does that? Who kills babies and fetuses and think it’s normal? They have no regard for human life nor do they take care of their self. It sickens me to the core. These type of women usually end up regretting their decision and want to have more children later on in life when they “feel” they are finally ready. Then they find out they are not, and kill another fetus. When they realize they really want to settle down and have a baby and raise it, it is too late they have already ruined and destroyed their insides and tore them to despicable indescribable ruins. 

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These type of usually women finally realize that the mistake they made to kill a fetus was poor and undeserving of a second chance then they proceed to hate on women who keep their children. Sometimes they result to torturing them to steal or take their children from them. It is a sad , horrible, despicable tragedy dealing with women who have killed their own fetuses. They need more help and sanity than the Average mother. It is sad because They are still mothers in their heart Because they produced a whole fetus in the first place. So why kill it and take away your own motherhood ? Why the selfishness, sickness and greed? These women have no survival or life skills at all. Who raised them ? Who did that to their poor souls? What caused them to be so sickening and nasty ? Allowing abortions in America is truely a disgusting, nasty, forever sickening tragedy. Those people do not care about anything. Be very careful around people like that’s all I can say.

Photo by Felipe Hueb on Pexels.com