Santa Muerte and Zodiac Astral candles

I’ve read the master art of candle burning , studied online, and have been researching candles and their interpretations for years. I have come to find out that some of the zodiac colors for some sources say one that the zodiac sign equals one color , and other sources say that the the zodiac sign’s power color candle is a completely different color. Let’s Say Aries for instance,  some sources claim that the zodiac power color candle for a Leo is Red and green. For Aries , Pink and white. But there are an entirely different set of sources that say that the colors for Aries is red and the the colors for Leo are Yellow or gold. How is this so? Which colors are the actual factual? Well let’s take a deeper look. I’f you study closely the spectrums of the universe, you will be able to differentiate which colors will be appropriate for you. If you are doing a spell for two people, for example an Aries and a Leo,  I suggest for  Aries burning  a Red candles alone at least one time, at the upper left hand corner of the the altar ( or on either side) and Pink and White on the upper East corner of the altar at least one time. On the upper right side of the altar,  for a Leo , Burn a Yellow or Gold candle at the upper left hand corner of the altar (or vice versa) and for Aries a Red candle on the upper East corner of the altar ( or vice versa) at least one time.

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You will have to dabble with trial and error according to the spell you are doing. If you are doing one for yourself, place each candle color at each upper corner of the altar. For instance Aries, place a pink candle at one end and a white at the other upper end. Remember to always lay a cloth down first, set the incense to the east , a glass of water, rum or tequila to the west, a piece of earth to the north and your main candle to the south. Then cast your circle. This could be done by saging the room with sage or Palo santo , sprinkling holy water ,pagan water , salt water, rose water, kananja water , Florida water, Santa Muerte Cologne or some other spiritual water used in rituals. Then state your petition or prayer and invite the spirit to come into your space. After you have spoken to the diety, close the space and thank the deity ( preferably Santa Muerte) and remember to refresh the offerings daily. If Santa Muerte knows that you are lacking or being  stingy with your commitment she will take what she wants from you in ways you could never imagine.

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I don’t mean this in a bad way, but if you are a devotee, then you must remain and do not hide your statues. That is a sign of disrespect and can cause anguish amongst your diety. And remember, to never leave candles burning unattended especially around pets or children.