Four types of dangerous people that cause me the most harm: I’m staying’ out da’ way

No one is perfect and everyone has flaws, but not all people want to improve them or fix them. They will believe that they are already on the path to success without analyzing their own behaviors, thought patterns or actions. They do not care to fix them and most of them qualify as true narcissist and their friends and family are the flying monkeys. Whenever I end up around people like the following, I get it a sick feeling in my stomach. I never liked any of these type of people, even as a child. These different type of species (in my definition) of human beings exist all over the planet and because I am a true loner, it can be extremely difficult, dangerous and gut wrenching to encounter them. The level of disgust that these type of people can bring is unimaginable. I became completely isolated from them and because they wanted to drive me completely insane because they love dragging people to hell with them. 

1. Ghetto people

I don’t care how many cars you have, how your gold teeth look, how many red bottoms, Helly Hansen, Nike coats and Jordan’s your family wears, how many haters you think you have, how many drugs your auntie on, what church your grandma goes to, how many people follow you on Instagram, how many people you’re having sex with, which housing project you live in, what hood you’re from, how black or high yellow your skin is, how many kids you have, who your spouse is, who’s having the latest rap concert, how many jobs you have, where you got your hair or nails did, or how much jewelry and money you have, or how many times you go to jail and have a party, or your transition to the opposite sex, or how many clubs you go, or how much commissary you had in the feds. None of that has anything to do with me. I mean, ghetto people can be very sick and vain. Everything has to always be about them or they always have some sort of pathetic excuse or sob story. Their attitudes reek of piss and hopelessness. Their bold ignorance is usually the key traits to their hood success. No matter how many times I tell them something, they still don’t listen. They don’t respect my privacy, opinions or my ”no’s”. Most of them see themselves as “bosses” and will usually act like a pest that won’t go away because I won’t follow their “ratchet” orders. The ghetto doesn’t like me, and most them will all just gang up on me like a pack of hardcore roaches and hurt me until the point of no return.

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2. Ugly people

I do not like people with chipped or missing teeth, ugly hair, bad breath, bumps all over their face, hoarders, gluttons, chapped lips, dirty old bummy looking clothes to match their dirty face, sexual diseases, body odor, dirty looking dreads that need to be retwisted, people who suffer from obesity, sloppy, women who wear chipped nail polish, and people with other extremely obvious flaws. They usually have an overall fucked up attitude about life and will make mine a living hell for no reason if I allowed it. They also like to stalk, bully, and harass me when I’m minding their own business, simply because they are ugly, an eyesore, and hate themselves.

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3. Whoremongers

I do not care to be in the presence of people who have slept with the whole world, commit adultery, people who sleep around on their spouses, swingers, prostitutes, homosexuals, polygamist, porn watchers, porn actors, freaks, or people that sleep around for no apparent reason. There are too many diseases, unclaimed Bebe kids, and drama and I don’t want any of it. 

4. Goofy people

There is a time to laugh and a time to cry. What type of person doesn’t want to strive for perfection? Everything is not a laughing or joking matter and people who laugh at serious things are really fucked up people and should be kept a safe distance from because those type of clowns can distract me and ruin my life.

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