I’ve been getting bullied and abused by the gay community my entire life : Bullying, sex trafficking, and hate in my early teens and young adult life

Bullies are disgusting to me. They must be handled with care because if you don’t, that could be your ass. I’m going to tell you about my incidents of being bullied all the way from elementary school until now.

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The ugly kids and their drug addicted parents hated my talent

When I was in elementary school (in Suffolk, Virginia) they used to call me ugly. They also called me four eyes and brace face. I had glasses the size of California and braces that made me look like Steve Urkel. I wore sweatsuits that match in every color by Hanes. I had red,pink, purple and every other sweatsuit color they sold. I had Reebok’s on my feet, natural braids in my hair with the colorful beads on the end. I joined the Girl Scout team and sold Girl Scout cookies, played the piano, and drew art. They still teased me. I remember being at my baby sitter house (Mrs.May) and she never laid a finger on me but I was still being bullied and teased by all the ugly insecure kids. That was my first feeling of low self esteem. My teacher name was Mrs.Brazil in the second grade and the ugly people with absolutely no talent what so ever, in her class started calling me ugly.

Kids start acting grown during middle school years because they have puberty problems

Middle for me started in the early 2000’s. Middle school was much more worse. That’s when I started to feel suicidal and started wanting to slice my wrist. Middle school was a big culture shock for me. All the kids looked bigger, badder, and uglier. I never wanted to be in class. By the 8th grade, I started skipping classes to smoke black and milds, drink Four Lokos, and hang with hoodlums. One day while skipping school, one of the boys pulled his private parts out ( his name was Darell) and made me suck it. It was the first time I had ever seen a boys private parts. I was fourteen. It was gross and my so called sloppy friend named Rashonda Bond was with me. She was also a horrible friend and whore. She was wearing nail polish, acting skank, listening to Blaque and having sex with boys already. I was grossed out and continued to purchase a new pair of Tims and a scorpion chain that I put around my neck, starting banging Juelz Santana and the Dipset, put a blue rag around my forehead (even though they are bloods), and then I cut that prostitute off. I ended up in a psychiatric hospital in Virginia Beach Virginia because I could not stomach the ghettoness, poverty, neglect, and grossness in my environment. I wanted to die. I tried multiple ways including swallowing pills and slicing my wrist. 

A rapist took my virginity

After I cut Rashonda Bond, her aunt (who was her legal guardian at the time ) and her gang banging ugly homeboys off I started walking down a darker path. I started getting bullied at school. They started calling me Osama Bin Laden because I kept making terroristic like threats every other day until I was expelled from school and placed in alternative night school because I seriously wanted to blow them up with a grenade (which led to my aggressive tagging today). I started admiring Bin LadenAdolf Hitler, Sadam Hussien, and the boy who shot up Columbine High School. By age fifteen I had gotten gang raped, and initiated into the crips. I started getting bullied at school again by a ugly bisexual boy named Byron Morgan (whom I tried to contact several times over the years since the rape- Morgan declined to speak to me since the rape occurred). He was the faggot that took my virginity in 2003. It was blood everywhere and my mother was at work. After Byron raped me with no remorse, Darell came in after. Byron and Darell were neighborhood friends. Ciara Gray (whose mother works at Burlington Coat Factory in Chesapeake Virginia) was sitting on the couch in the living room. She was already a whore. She tricked me into prostitution. By age 16, I had gotten gang raped by a proud transgender woman with the street name “O” – whose real name is Armaud, and then became pregnant by the gay boy. I still remember where I was when “they” raped me. I ran away from home. I dropped out of high school in the tenth grade. I got my GED and still kept getting bullied by insensitive lames.

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Becoming a drop out because of a rape

By the time I dropped out of high school I was being picked on by all the ugly local boys and rapist. They all ran trains on me. They all laughed. I had 2 children before age 19 (by rapist Armaud Roshaun Eason) and was raped by all of the gay boys friends. He and his gay circle has been nasty and gross towards me ever since. Having a babies by a gay boy felt really disgusting. The older I get, the more sickening and gross it feels. Every one he knows tricked me and stuck their disgusting privates in me. I was scammed out of so much money and time messing with those gross people.

I started stripping (which was extremely disgusting), traveling the east coast, and by 2010, I had caught my first assault and battery charge at Value City Furniture, in Chesapeake, Virginia. I took a job there and was being bullied by a disgusting racist white woman named Hannah L. (the office manager) and I tried to hit her with an object. The object, did not even damage her nor did it actually hit the cracker. The charge stayed on my record for ten years until it was finally erased in 2021.

The name of this food is the same name that I use to refer to all the African American racist people

In 2015, I ended up being trafficked and bullied into prostitution by another homosexual man named “Chucky”(a stone cold pimp whom had just gotten released from Rikers Island ) all the way in New York City in Corona Queens and strung out on Columbian cocaine. I was sold too so many men from Central America including Mexico, Columbia and El Salvador. I have been trafficked in a total of eight different states in the United States of America over a course of 15 years. New York, Virginia, California, and Florida being the worst and most traumatic. 

By 2016, After leaving New York for Virginia, I was being bullied by another black racist piece of crap from Greenville, North Carolina named Devea White, whom I met in the projects where I lived. When I came back from New York ,he was stalking me at my apartment in the Hunters Point Apartments Projects in Chesapeake, Virginia formally known as Wilmund Court. Like any other project housing , it was crime and drug infested with heroin being their drug of choice. One day he came in while I was home without a key and was sleeping on my couch without my permission. During another incident in North Carolina where he trafficked me, he called me a bunch of names and took my glasses off my face and immediately broke them in half while yelling cruel and obscene violent words. Then I proceeded to try to taze the nasty , cocky man. It never touched him. He called the police and I was still charged with the crime Assault with a deadly weapon. I was yet again sickened by the world and their funkiness. That was another incident of bullying in my life. I said ended up jumping out a second story window and had a wear a back brace for months. I ended up in another psych ward for trying to kill myself around those skank losers.

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Present day bullying: I live in permanent isolation

These days, I’m being bullied by various people for various reasons. One being my little disability. I got bullied in jails when the nasty gangbanging whores that thought they were bigger and badder than me had sent me to “the hole” and when I didn’t have commissary and had to wash my dirty underwear in the same sink I wash my face. They harrass me with their obvious cruelty in a lot of public retail stores. I made a list of the stores I would never go to again and I mean that. I can do the same thing repeatedly and expect the same results. That’s insane and more damaging to my mental health. I also get bullied by rapist and pedophiles who feel superior on a daily basis. They harass me through emails, phonecalls, and in the streets, and they have no intentions on being anything to me other than a piece of shit. I also get bullied for being poor. People hate on me when I try to lay low and hustle, stack my money, and stay out of their way. They feel as though I’m obligated to service them in some sort of degrading way. They will kick me out on the streets even after I pay my rent. They will humiliate me in front of my children. They will fire me from my job for nothing. They will lie on me. They will persecute me. They will neglect me. There are usually signs of bullying that begin as an adolescent and will continue all the way into adulthood and can become a pretty annoying issue to have to respond to. The police, of course, never did anything to resolve any of this except throw me in jail. Because my skin is dark perhaps, because I really am poor? Or because they’re in cahoots with all the enemies and popular rich criminals running the streets and accepting bribes? Or because they’re doing the most bullying themselves?Who knows. All the issues that I have ever had to deal with with bullying I had to take into my own hands.

I finally realized that all people are racist, close, weird, off, nasty, and funky, and I can not speak to any more of them as long as I live because none of them like me. All of them are nasty, funky, gross, negligent racist uncle toms, snitches, faggots, and rats. The people I’ve met so far in my life were the yuckiest, nastiest, dirtiest, most selfish, fakest homosexuals I have ever witnessed. My life was infested with those sickening pigs, and is the reason I will remain poor, alone, and homeless, for the rest of my natural born life. All those gays literally laughed at all the gross stuff they did to me, as they got away. I don’t want anymore of those nasty, fake people knowing me, whether I’m going to make it out of my poverty crisis alive or not. People don’t have to want me to win, I still don’t want any of those nasty, dirty, narcissistic gays.

The sex industry is still a multi billion dollar industry, and I don’t care: People like myself, are getting robbed and beaten by pimps, who could possibly force me to catch HIV

When I was being sold online on adult websites like Backpage.com and Craigslist.com, (from 2011-2020) my phone was ringing off the hook non stop. I couldn’t handle more than 5 clients per day, but if i was really nasty and gay, I could’ve had about 30 per day. It was no way on God’s green earth I was going to be that disgusting. The thought of it sounds sickening. After the 5 or less clients, I would usually put my phone on silent. I would wake up to and receive hundreds of calls and text per day. I was being sold on the territories of known transexuals and even witnessed them prostituting in some of the same hotels I was living in. Some of them could’ve had HIV. Now, since I’m not being sold online or in a brothel anymore, no one ever calls me. I get several spam robo calls throughout the day but thats about it.