A silent escape: still being stalked and forced into trafficking (see no ratchets, hear no ratchets, but still have to speak on the ratchets)

I am sick and tired of creeps and weirdos turning me away, or want me out of their life, or acting like I’m not a good fit for them, but feel the need to stalk and know my every move after I escape their control or abuse. I’m starting to think they are all mentally ill wolfs in sheep’s clothing. It does not make sense to put your foot down about someone you don’t like , and then stalk them. That’s insane and absurd and it is still sickening to the core. Their whole personality and goals are centered around abusing and neglecting others, weather you’re in their presence or not. 

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Just recently, on my way to Chicago, I experienced a situation of abuse and neglect on the bus. I fled to Chicago, after being abused very badly by another pedophile and his flying monkeys . The violence was so bad, I hopped on the next bus out of Washington,DC and went west. Since I have been in Chicago, I have not had a peace of mind. There are just too many ugly, disturbing, ratchets in the world. On the way here, I experienced a disgusting situation of abuse on the Miller bus. 

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I was sitting on the bus after being on there for two days in a row. I had no way to take a bath or freshen up being that the pedophile in Washington,DC robbed me of half of my belongings right in front of the Days Inn on Connecticut Ave, in the Northwest section where I was running a Botanica. I only had one outfit  to my name ,and nothing else left. I literally had to flee with nothing- which is usually always the case. Most of the men pretending to be a boyfriend to me are just thieves and robbers. They aren’t even pimps anymore like they were a few years ago. They’re just flat out mugging me now. 

Anyway, after riding the bus for two whole days without a shower, the bus made a stop somewhere in Indiana. I got off of the bus to walk my service animal around then got back on. There was a ratchet looking weird woman with her gut hanging out of her shirt and one dollar flip flops on getting on the bus with her annoying toddler( which happened to look like some dirty mans bebe child). Her child kept making a lot of noise and the bus driver was off of the bus smoking a cigarette. The ratchet woman kept cursing and yelling at her toddler in front of everyone and even threatened to slap the little girl while cursing at her. I started to record her nastiest, but I decided to mind my business instead. That didn’t work. She proceeded to have a loud ratchet phone conversation on the bus and the bus driver got back on and told her to cut her conversation down.

The bus took off and  proceeded to the next stop. The ratchet, loud, woman had nothing else to do after being forced to cut her conversation short so she decided to go to bathroom all the way at the back of the bus where I was sitting. Her annoying bebe child saw my animal and immediately started whining. The lady told me she didn’t like dogs and that she was scared. All ratchet people and people that do stuff they don’t have any business doing say that. So I told her to go around the dog and that the dog does not bite or bark at people because she is trained. I didn’t curse at the ugly woman or say anything else back to her. I was just trying to make it to the windy city in one piece. She didn’t care. She started screaming and bitching about how she was too afraid. The fat, sloppy, man that was sitting behind me, started vouching for the skank out of no where. He started taking her side and yelled to the bus driver that he needed to pull the bus over. The bus driver listened and pulled the bus over in the middle of absolutely nowhere. All I could see was land, like in a desert. The bus driver then asked me to get off the bus in the middle of the desert. I politely told the hood ass bus driver that the woman had to go around me. He said no she doesn’t, and that  if I don’t get off , he would call the police and have me removed. It was fucking SICKENING. An ugly, basic, faggot woman who has been causing all those problems since she got on the bus, got priority over me, and I was quiet the whole time. I was grossed the fuck out. I refused to get off in the middle of a desert and picked up my dog and put her on the chair so the ratchet, her ugly bebe kid, the stink,ugly, cigarette smoking bus driver and the fat sloppy faggot sitting behind me would shut the fuck up. After I put the dog on the chair (which is not supposed to happen, the animals are supposed to be on the floor) the skank woman was able to get to the bathroom. 

I believed they pulled the stunt because they all wanted me to look jealous, something I refuse to ever be. I can’t be jealous of ratchets, and I can’t be jealous of people who put on a happy front for society, but live a shitty life behind closed doors. Trying to make me fake envious will never work. They all have to mind their business, even if they don’t want to.

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After that, the bus driver proceeded to the next stop. I had to move my seat because I did not want to see the ugly ratchet on the rest of trip. I spent the next 30 minutes cursing silently in agony about how unfair and trifling that was. Any other time, I would have just gotten off and allowed them to neglect me. I had to put my foot down because putting a woman and a dog out in the middle of nowhere for no reason was just way too cruel and disgusting. It also looked like, if I had gotten off there, I would not have had any phone service and would have had to hitchhike or thumb like a bum to another point of safety. If I had to make a phone call to my birth family or known relatives, they would’ve just completely ignored my call, or sat on their sloppy faggot asses and laughed at the entire situation.They would’ve acted like they don’t know me or never even seen me before while they go on about their greedy, pedophile lives. No one would’ve wanted to help. All the ratchets know I’m alone and they would have left me there to suffer and perhaps die from dehydration. A feeling of extreme violence took over. That was just too much hate . I wanted to beat the breaks out of all of them , and let my dog eat the little bitch alive, but I had to remember where I was and I couldn’t let those dirty, fucking,insane ratchets get to me that damn easily. I had came to far. It took everything in my power to make it all the way to Chi town in one piece. 

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