Sick Cruel B****es

The wives and girlfriends of today’s Gangsters and hoodlums lack empathy and humanity

Women are in gangs too. A gang  is defined as having three or more active members. Normally, a male gang member usually has a wife, girlfriend, or what they like to call “baby moms or baby mother “ which is nothing but a ratchet term used to describe the mother of their children. Most of them have little knowledge on what they are getting themselves into, or who they are messing or dealing with.Some of the women are randomly initiated and have no ties to the male member. Most of them are “ran through” and have already willingly slept with all the gang members or a bunch of men around the neighborhood.The male gang members neglect their children, “baby mothers” , and spouses to go roam the streets, party with their peers and prey on innocent vulnerable women and prostitutes that they can rape and go undetected. They love stealing from stores, robbing people, stealing from others , and list of other sickening crap, sometimes even sucking other men off for money or drugs, then go home to the dumb “wifey”.

Lesbianism is not a part of gang banging and today’s youth have been misinformed

A lot of the women the gang members wife and wrongfully give the title to, are lesbians who want their partner to prey on innocent young women and turn them out. Perhaps they been listening to too much Young M.A. or watching too much lesbian porn and partying around to many phoney dykes. Some of them were acting like men as early as high school. Some of them were later influenced by their gang banging boyfriends. Either way, A lot of them are hardcore skanks that love to fight, homewreck, and cause drama within the community. These hateful, degrading type of women range from age 10 all the way until 75. Some of them were turnt out later on in life after feeling like a man wasn’t enough for them. They have a “women run the world mentality” to the point where they think they can abuse and neglect another woman for no reason. It’s sick but I guess men need them so bad they’ll let them get away with abusing anyone. Most of the women aren’t even smart enough to know the victim doesn’t want to be treated that way. They think they like it or they will try to force them to like the abuse against their will. In some cases, they will even go grab their friends and force you to “get down”. They sometimes stalk or spy on the victim as well, while they are taking showers or in their own home.

The men they date sometimes know what is going on and sometimes they are too blind care how the undercover lesbos are being and are “pussy whipped” (a man who can’t leave a woman because he is weak and in love with her sex, friends or money ). Most of those type of fake gang bangers, were tricked by a man into a relationship out of desperation or poverty. Some of these women have spent hard time in jail or have killed several babies or people. They don’t follow any of the codes, participate in criminal activities or follow the graffiti. They don’t even know the handshakes , refuse to throw up the signs, and have a false perception of reality. They usually just put on a front.

It is against the rules of a man who is in a gang to wife a female who will have sex with other women -yet these gang members eventually become so washed up and desperate- perhaps, after spending too much time in prison that they continue to break that particular code. Some of these men even throw their whole life away for a piece of “pussy”, that doesn’t even want them back.  By that point, their particular set is not any under strict leadership and has fallen completely apart because the fake members got too greedy, and wanted too much for themselves. Perhaps their mothers and great grandmothers were prostitutes , so to the men, that is all they know. It is very tragic, and their lack of structure and leadership will lead to more attacks from rival gangs. 

They participate in child abuse to please their pedophile spouse or boyfriend

When the women who are the wives, spouses or girlfriends of thugs, know their gangster boyfriend/husband (or ex gang member turned Saint) is raping children they will usually turn on the children and abuse, neglect, or threaten them instead of putting the pedophile out of the house or leaving them. Sometimes they starve the children, verbally abuse them, or slap them right in front of people. Those women act like Loretta Devine in the 2004 movie Woman Thou Art Loosed when she refuses to protect her little girl from being molested by her boyfriend. Those women want to be with a man so bad, they don’t care if he is a rapist, gangbanger or child molester. It is not a part of any gangster code period. No person,couple, criminal or person of authority in the whole entire world should be doing that. It is considered a violation. These type of violations are rarely resolved by law enforcement,because people are sick and just don’t care about anything. They thrive off the torture they inflict. Some of them attend stripper parties , prey on children and people from broken homes or people that have suffered from neglect for a long period of time, most likely luring them with false promises, and then kidnapping and torturing them,bullying or stalking them with the most aggressive, sadistic, attitude. They feel completely entitled to be that sick towards the victim. Eventually they will try to get the victim hooked on drugs so they can control them better. They will not leave the abusive, gangbanging boyfriend. They are too scared to live on their own or too weak. A lot of them have other female friends to support and live in that type of sickening behavior because they want to look cool or fit in. 

Sometimes the women get together and rob people for fun then laugh about it over a girls night out and their ghetto boyfriend/spouse will back them up in their actions. In most cases, they will even be rewarded for it.The women usually have no regard for human life and neither do their scum the earth jealous, incest having, prostitute raping, feces eating, wanna-be-thug, skank, womanly like, crossdressing, cocky, pedophile, murdering boyfriends and husbands. The women are very funky. Women pedophiles and their gangbanging boyfriends reside in places like Washington,DC, Illinois, Virginia, New York , New Jersey, Florida, California,Colorado and places all over the world. Don’t be fooled by their square demeanor. They can be deadly and brutally cruel. They are so skank ,it will blow your mind. Some of them will even go so far as to sell their child for money, drugs, or favor amongst other pedophiles. They have a “monkey see monkey do mentality” and will feel completely entitled to do it because they see someone else doing it.