The cruelty and perversion of others that led to my demise: Being forced into trafficking in Virginia and Los Angeles

I was abruptly put out of my mother’s house during the corona Virus Pandemic around July 2020. I rented a motel close to her house with my entire life savings which was only about $1,500 or more. I had no computer access, so I was unable to record my every move or keep track of my spending. Everything was closed, including libraries. After I got low on money, I contacted the human trafficking hotline who found a program for me in Richmond, Virginia called Safe Haven. I caught a bus there with the money I had, leaving some of my property behind at the hotel and met the advocates at a hospital. They put me up in a hotel called the Motel 6 on the West End. They donated food, clothing, and mask, no money or gift cards. It was about 2 other advocates assigned to me. I ended posting ads for sex work online and made roughly $1,600 in cash. I also relapsed heavily on cocaine, alcohol, marijuana, prescription pills and ecstasy pills to stay awake. After the program ran out of funds to keep me in the room, they offered to give me a room at the shelter. The shelter rules involved staying on lock down and not having access to a cell phone. I passed because I didn’t want to be abused and neglected by the staff under those conditions. I also did not want to meet any new survivors because they all have problems, and I don’t have time to beef with miserable women. Not to say they would be, but if they are a real victim of trafficking then more than likely they are and they should be. It’s bad to be trafficked. I left with the money I made from prostitution and went to Baltimore in hopes of finding a affordable room for rent because I was already promised one by someone I met online. When I got there I was homeless on the streets and no one wanted to help. None of the hotline numbers I called had a bed, and the person who was supposed to give me a tour of the room for rent was full of bullshit. I got tired of struggling outdoors so I went to a hotel near the Baltimore airport and got a hotel. After check out, I spent hours on the premises trying to call numbers for safety. No one wanted to help. I ended up being treated awfully bad by the hotel staff and customers checking in. They all knew I had no where to go so they got nasty and abusive. I ended up leaving the property for the actual airport. Little did I know, I would be taking my first plane ride ever to Los Angeles because I got sick and tired of being neglected by those nasty people. It actually got worse over there.

I arrived at LAX airport and soon I got there, my baggage had gotten lost in baggage claim. They sent the bag all the way to Ft. Lauderdale, Fl instead of Los Angeles so I had to file a report. They told me the bag would be in several hours later. I left the airport because I was so angry about my luggage. I thought I was being set up and that I would not get it back. I was all alone. I had no one because everyone I supposedly knew had already neglected me on the East Coast. I got on a bus and relapsed at the train station on marijuana and alcohol and went to skid row immediately to the Union Mission shelter. Worst mistake of my life. I told them I had to go back to the airport to get my bag they told me to do that first then come back. I did. They had a bed available and I had to stay quarantined in a church sanctuary for 5 days. I did. They had clothes, food, and showers. The food was cold and distasteful, but I ate it. I still had over $1000 from the money I made prostituting in Virginia. I stood by the prohibited gate at the Mission every day trying to purchase alcohol and drugs because the environment was so nasty, I could not handle it mentally. The security guards were black and hateful. There were tents and dope fiends shooting up in broad daylight everywhere, people sleeping outside, pissing on the ground, walking around nude, flashing themselves, talking to themselves, animals and dogs everywhere, police everywhere, dirty people, graffiti, and much more hell. I end up meeting someone at the gate who I sent on the mission to pick up alcohol, food and legal weed. I was informed that any white substance I see out there is Crystal Meth not cocaine, so I never touched any white substances. The person seemed like they had my best interest and I felt like I owed them for picking up orders. They offered me a room away from that area, so I left the program and skid row on the 4th day of quarantine. The person was a human trafficker.

Photo of a homeless person on

I ended up traveling with this person from skid row to El Cajon which is 30 minutes away from Mexico where I was trafficked. I ended up having to pay for those hotel rooms and much more with my body to stangers and also him. He told me he had mental health problems. I ended up posting ads for sex work on as many sites as possible. I made $1,800 every week. The man trafficking me took the money to buy a car and forced me to drive it without a license so that we would not be walking. I said what the hell, crime is a crime. I might as well drive if I am being forced to sell my body. He started beating me regularly, and threatening my life very quickly. Whenever I ran out of money, I would get a beating. Whenever I talked back, I would get a beating. He would call me names like “retarded fuck and stupid bitch”. He started taking all the money and leaving me with none, explaining that if I need something, that I needed to ask him for it. I started plotting my escape and he got even crueler with the beatings. He blackened my eye several times, scratched me and humiliated me in public non stop. I was disgusted and sickened by this creep and I wanted out of the life because it was not working. I ended up applying for pandemic assistance and was awarded $14,000. It was the most money I have ever had in all of my life, which has now become very disturbing to live with. I received the economic payment deposit, while I was in the emergency room. The nurse saw my black eye.

After I received my money, I immediately got online and paid off my $2000 in fines to the state of Virginia for a DWI. My pimp picked me up from the hospital. The man confessed that he had over $5,000 in his account and that he didn’t want me to leave. He asked for a cut of my money and I gave him $700 up front and the rest later. I never told him how how much money I actually had. He started buying me clothes, perfume, and jewelry so I wouldn’t leave. I thought it was love but he kept beating me, robbing me and humiliating me in front of his peers. I got more and more disgusted. He explained that I could live a wonderful life if I just go to Vegas with him. I didn’t want to go because he kept reminding that I would have to be a prostitute. He said it was legal and I wouldn’t get caught. I believed it and I still didn’t want to go because I don’t want to pay for stuff with my body. It’s disgusting. I didn’t want those Vegas people lusting after me like that or raping me and then taking off. It’s gross. I ended up stripping in Hollywood instead and continued keeping the large stimulus deposit a secret from my pimp. I got tired of the gorilla pimp beating me up so I called the national human trafficking hotline again so I could leave. They told me to go to the airport and wait for a call back. I did. I blocked the man and hoped that he never came back for me.

The hotline called me back 30 minutes later and scheduled a Lyft ride to a hotel program for victims of trafficking, and they asked me to use an alias for safety. I checked in under the name Tamera Andrews and was given several gift cards and a Puma duffel bag with snacks inside. The trafficker was still calling me from different numbers harassing me and threatening my life the whole time I was in there. The program office was in a room inside the hotel and they went over the rules, and I agreed to follow them. I ended up adopting an emotional support animal from the Valley ,and provided the paperwork. They said okay. I ended staying at the hotel for two weeks before finally being bullied out of there over the dog. I was once again sickened by the neglect and abuse. I had no where to go. I went to another hotel in Hollywood, and payed for the room some nights and slept outside other nights. One night a Mexican guy saw me sleeping outside and offered me a place to stay. I gladly accepted his offer because I had money on me and I knew I could pay rent. Once again, they wanted to traffick me instead. I was disgusted. Several men came in and out of the house and I refused to sell my body to any of them. A couple days later my pandemic money was frozen. I only had about $5,000 left. I had already spent about $9,000. I was unable to use any of the money on the card and I was put out of the dope fiends house for not wanting to pay with my body so I left. I ended up calling my birth mother on the phone for another chance because I kept being abused and neglected everywhere, I went. She said okay and brought me a bus ticket for me and my dog to come back to Virginia. I kept getting set up in California and I came back to Virginia- cross country on a bus, because the airlines would not let me fly with my animal. I came back with nothing. I was used, humiliated, trafficked, embarrassed, and put to shame, all the meanwhile my enemies in Virginia were still contacting me. The abuse, torture and humiliation just will not stop no matter I do. Before my trip to Virginia, I resorted to pan handling. I am truly sickened and disgusted by the series of events that have taken place in the past few months. I got nowhere. I adopted a dog, stayed clean off cocaine, got off probation for the DWI, paid off my fines,and that is about it. I was not able to get my record expunged. Upon my arrival, I had a short temp job at a warehouse, only to be laid off by the creeps who run the place. I’ve been unemployed and chasing large sums of cash ever since. I can not live in luxury one minute, and be piss poor the next. I can’t mentally handle the downgrade of the quality of life I once had. In 2020, I had more money than Don Won Chang, when he founded Forever 21.