Bloods snitching on Crips : The permanent damage I suffered for reaching out to fake bangers, rappers, and snitches

Asking fake gang bangers and random people for marijuana or other drugs is just plain stupid. You don’t know who they are. You don’t know if they are a cop, a rapist, a dirty snitch, a homosexual or a fiend themselves. They may help you out but end the end they are just going to laugh. In my case, The gay gang banger I tried to purchase weed from via the internet platform Instagram in 2015, wasn’t a drug dealer at all -he was a stalker, a downlow homosexual who likes receiving oral from other cocky men (most of them who wanted to see me in misery and are the feds) and doesn’t like being penetrated by them because he scared he is not going to be able to walk straight anymore.

The nasty, racist, fake gang banger turned internet thug, whose real name name is Tray Willams, also known by his street name as ”Blanko Gotti” -that didn’t want to get G checked by a girl -ended up framing me and pinning all the marijuana charges on me. I let the weird, ugly, bisexual creep into my life after purchasing a small bag of marijuana. He hated me. All of his boyfriends and girlfriends hated me with equal hate. The skank creep used to call me by street name ”Candy”. I never used to like the way the fag spelled my name. After that, I thought the fake dirty blood was cool enough to get money with via pimping me into sex trafficking to receive half the earnings. Rapper Blanko Gotti, was a pile of vomit. He witnessed me selling my body, in Richmond, Virginia. He also took my rental car without asking. He wasn’t cool at all. He was a popular internet nerd adored by lame women and men in the hood. He started coming up with so many sob stories about how he used to struggle and how he was on dope and recovered. I brought it. He was just one of the many traffickers I have met over the past 6 years. He also assumed I was a lesbian, until I put the racist, gay man in check.

The fake gang banger and rapper was a snitch and a dirty womanizer. At the time, around 2015, He was also hanging around white trash crackers and throwing  up B’s, which was disgusting to me, being that I don’t like the color red. Every since meeting him I started getting an eerie feeling like someone was watching me and stalking me all of a sudden. The fake gang banger found out where I lived and I have never felt safe since. I started getting dozens of phone calls per day from the fake banger and when I wouldn’t pick up, the fake bloody banger called me a lame and a number of other disrespectful words. The nerd kept telling me “you got life fucked up, you got life fucked up”. I bet I did, being that I was so naive I didn’t know men would be that much of a fag and homo to me. He also threatened to kill my mother and father if I don’t comply. This was in 2015. My father didn’t pop up dead until 2018. 

Prisoner in prison with handcuff

One day while sitting in my room Blanko Gotti called my phone a dozen times, insisting that I bag up all the weed I had just purchased into small bags. I did. I hopped in my car (in which the license plate was identified by the fake banger and a bunch of other nosey people) and drove off to another city with the bagged up marijuana in the car and a scale. About 20 minutes into the drive later the flashing lights got behind me. There were about six-seven officers present. There were a lot of them, taking me down. All of them showed up to court. I was later arrested and charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute (PWID). I was arrested and my car was towed and I was thrown in jail with a bunch of ugly dykes (which the trafficker wanted anyway because the man was a rainbow) and charged with a felony that won’t go away til this day.

I hated being incarcerated. It was the worst feeling I had ever felt. I didn’t even get any rank and wasn’t promoted to drug queen pin status in the criminal underworld. Once again, I was being mistreated and neglected by the racist guards. I ended up being transferred to the maximum security block around murderers and death row inmates before starting trouble and going to solitary confinement for safety. The women in the pod were too gross to look at and socialize with and the food they were enjoying looked like something a rodent would nibble off of. Most of them didn’t even hold a GED and had to study for it behind bars. They were loud, obnoxious, and very annoying. Women were getting beat up and robbed daily by their “peers” and cell mates. There was a fake bag of cocaine planted under my bunk the very first day I arrived.

I tried to contact the bi man known by Blanko Gotti from prison but the random fake banger (who is really just a womanizer, sex trafficker, rapist and whore) declined to take any more of my calls after picking up one time and telling me to fuck off, Like the rest of the homosexuals in that city, that consistently set me up and leave me to rot after trusting them with my life. He has the attitude of a woman, and whenever I try to fight those marijuana cases, he fights back like the powerful woman, mother and future wife he was meant to be because he really enjoys torturing people and wasting their time. The nasty, ugly, well loved gang banger released a freestyle called ”Panda” (a Desiigner freestyle) in 2015, and owned a T-shirt business. I didn’t like him at all. He was gross and racist as hell. Yuck!

eps10 vector female in prison, illustration silhouette woman in jail

Out of all that I learned from that situation , I learned not to trust random strangers, something my mother nor father ever taught me, and that men have every right to be homosexuals and they don’t have to provide for me, respect me or care about me and they can choose to be a rainbow and a “pussy” if they feel like it. They can also have multiple thirsty trifling women and sleep with all of them all at once because that is their life. They can also get away with a number of other stuff because they keep pleasing each other to get out of certain situations and there is nothing I can do about it. Those type of people, are just too petty and extremely dangerous to even talk to. All of this happened 7 years ago, and I haven’t heard from the racist gay man or his family since, and I’m still very, very, glad. To this day, I do not sell marijuana, and I do not hang around women- or men that dress up like them.