Five ways grown women bully and harrass other females: How to stay safe from predators

Most of the women who do these things are not only sadistic, but narcs (short for narcissist). A narcissist is defined as having an excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one’s physical appearance. Narcissist feel more superior than what they are, and they bully, exploit and belittle others without shame. Be careful in public places, in your neighborhood, at work, in clubs, or any programs or organizations where there are women pretending to HELP you. Also, be very careful around people you do not know or trust, as they could be using you for narcissistic supply or try to hurt you and damage you, and it could get very dangerous. I personally, have been a victim of being bullied and harassed by other women and it has completely destroyed my life. Now, I am speaking out, hoping it will change someone’s life. These are five ways grown adult women , bully other women. 

Sociopathy, shiness, bullying and other social problems with intimidated, concussed woman, vector illustration.

They spy on you or be in all of your personal business.

They spy on your social media without speaking to you. They don’t have to speak to you, but they should respect your privacy. They will often troll their victims as well. You can set your page to private, don’t allow anyone to follow you that you do not know , or don’t use Social media at all. 

They snoop around in your paperwork, mail, email, or documents for personal gain. Use extra security features for your mail and be very careful about sharing your personal information with anyone. There are a lot of women who exploit and scam their victims by stealing their information. Some of these women work in government offices or other offices or companies where they collect personal information and use it to target their victims. Once the situation escalates, it is hard to fix, so be careful out there. It is a lot of crazy women out there preying on innocent people.

They ask other people how you’re doing but never attempt to ask you how you’re doing themselves. Be careful not to share your personal information with anyone you don’t trust and let them gossip. 

They spy on you on the bus, follow you in your car, and spy on your house, and if they ever were clever enough to make it inside the house, they spy on you in your room or in the shower. Purchase a bug dectector to find out if there are any wires or cameras planted on someone or in your home. Be careful about letting just anyone in. If you live with someone else, and you expect one of their guest of stalking or spying on you, then you may be in an extremely dangerous situation and need to move. 

Suspicious adult woman looking outside home window from behind Venetian curtains.

They try to isolate you.

They befriend you to compete with you or embarrass you to others consistently. They try to ruin your credibility amongst others and convince them not to have any empathy for you, even if it means convincing every one they know (Flying monkeys).They mock you so they can get to the person closest to you(even by seducing your partner) and steal the spotlight so the other person will be distracted and won’t pay you any more attention. They will also abandon you so that you can not seek an education or be educated properly so that you will not be hip enough to handle the situation properly. 

Be very careful of who you call a “friend”. If they don’t have your best interest you will know. Look out for clues such as not responding to your text, not inviting you anywhere, but only coming around you to be nosey then leaving. Watch out for women who post pictures with a lot of various people on social media but won’t include you. Be very careful of people who are never concerned or celebrate your success, they only focus on your downfalls. If they ever said something to upset you, and it took a while to heal from, most likely they meant what they said and they still feel the same way. Do not ignore the warnings. Women like these can be life threatening and evil. They do not care about your life or wellbeing.

Upset woman crying, seeing her boyfriend with other girl in park

They talk to you like a child and treat you like a child.

They use innocent names like “sweetheart” “boo”  “honey” or “mama” while smiling in your face. Sometimes they may refer to you as “girl” or “bitch” in a friendly way. They may even come up with other nicknames for you that only their circle knows. They treat you like you’re incapable of taking care of yourself so they can harm you or control you or they constantly run their mouth and tell you what to do and they exploit your weakness for personal gain. They will also treat you like you are not smart enough to do anything right or speak up for yourself.

Do not let anyone call you by any name other than ma’am (senorita) ,your first name, or the name you tell them to call you. If they are treating a responsible adult like a child, they are dangerous women and very abusive. More than likely, they are only looking down on you and they don’t see anything to respect. If they refuse to address you with respect, or give you a nasty attitude about it, then it’s obvious that they are a nasty woman and they don’t respect you.Their response should be, “I’m sorry”, or “I’m sorry for the misunderstanding”.

They blatantly disrespect you.  

They call you a bitch or other name to your face, lie on you ,hit you ,or beat you. When you move on from the bullying, they stalk you and create arguments and drama all the time to keep the situation going. They say things like “who does she think she is running from, we’re not letting her go anywhere” and so forth. They gather in groups of other women who make the same accusations against you which are referred to as flying monkeys. They prey on your downfall and verbally laugh whenever you suffer grief or death of a family member or the loss of a job, relationship or career and then they feel like their mission is accomplished but sometimes come back to harrass you more. They are often delusional and in denial about what they’re doing. If they start to hit you or beat you protect yourself or call for help. Their abuse is life threatening.     

woman raised her hand for dissuade

They try to harm you using a third party.

They use someone close to you or close to them to poison, rape or harm you (including using or baiting a man)  and some women will even pay their friends to do it. They exploit personal information and break all confidentiality agreements. Again, be careful who you share your information with, most women are using this information to stalk, bully, hack, humiliate  and torture their victims. Be careful of eating other people’s food or drinking with random people if you have fell victim to any of these scams as they could possibly poison you. Be careful about dating strangers who could rape you, then report back to another woman and be aware of meeting new people online. Beware of government officials, facility workers, store saleswomen and customer service representatives online and in person asking for personal information. A lot of them are dangerous criminals who scammed their way into the workforce in the first place.

Blurry silhouette and shadow of a woman carrying a bag and a man following her, in the city street in the night

These five red flags should be taken very seriously because some of these women are seriously sadistic. A lot of them will scam you (if they aren’t close enough to rob you themselves) , take all of your money if you are in need, laugh, and then abandon you.

If you are trying to explain what the woman or women have done to you to another person, and they think that the woman(en) in question appears to be so innocent that they don’t believe you, stop talking to that person immediately and cut them out of your life. If you can’t cut the person out of your life because you live with them, stop talking to them completely. Go “no contact”. You may feel a bit isolated, but do not hurt yourself. They will only hurt you more and make the situation you’re in even more complicated and embarrassing.