Human trafficking and Prostitution is an ongoing crisis around the globe: Migrants who are forced into sex trafficking

Human trafficking happens all over the world. According to the U.S.department of Health and human services, Human trafficking is the fastest growing industry in world. A lot of women are lured into trafficking because they cannot find employment, were forced underage, or victims of child abuse.They are lured into prostitution working for the Mafia, sex traffickers and pimps in clubs, bars, casinos,massage parlors, brothels, and online.Pimps are motivated by the by the opportunity to make money, so they look at the victim as an object, not a human being, and they have to maintain control over the victims body, mind, and finances. For example, you can sell a single piece of clothing one time, but you can sell a prostitute over and over. That is how the traffickers view the women. Sex traffickers often try to repeatedly kick the women so low, that they focus more on the trafficker(s) ,instead of getting out of the situation altogether.Sex trafficking happens in urban ,suburban and rural areas and to U.S. and Foreigners. Human trafficking is the recruitment,harboring ,transporting, or obtaining a person for labor devices through use of force ,fraud ,fear, or coercion. They are subjected to servitude, commercial sex acts ,or forced labor. Labor trafficking involves domestic service, sweat shops and factories, begging, agricultural work , construction, mining, brick kilns,and forced military service. Sex trafficking involves, prostitution, porn, stripping, live sex shows, mail order brides and child brides.Women in prostitution have 40 times higher mortality rate than women who are not. It is a form of modern day slavery and most people refuse to see the horrifying truths about prostitution. The minute a victim escapes from human trafficking, they are at risk.It is a multi billion dollar industry and migrants will keep fleeing.

The hell below hell: Some of the Ways women are forced into sex trafficking 

A typical sex trafficker will usually catch their prey standing alone fully clothed, even if their head is covered or they are not revealing any skin or being sleazy. They will usually call you over to approach the vehicle, once you are at the vehicle they will proceed to waste your time by asking you to perform sexual favors or ask you to send them explicit pictures. It is important not to send these predators explicit photos of yourself because once you do, they could use them to post ads for sex trafficking or exploit you. Sometimes the traffickers will use them for blackmailing. They may not even want to deal with you and won’t even want to touch you afterwards or they will even flaunt the women in the stable (all the prostitutes who work for the same person) to the new potential prostitute.It will leave the victim feeling confused and sometimes disgusted with themselves. Sometimes they use that tactic to force the victim to feel “thirsty” and seek attention elsewhere. Not only do the traffickers target their victims in person, but they also use social media platforms such as Instagram ,Tik Tok, Snapchat, Only Fans ,and Facebook.

Sometime the traffickers recruit their victims in malls, schools, bars, jails, court houses ,truck stops and hotels.The sex trade is alive and well inside of every hotel.Some of the women forced into the trade are often forced to recruit other women or girls for the pimp. Sometimes the victims feel safe knowing they are an adult, and that the client paying them for sex is an adult, but what they fail to realize is that the person paying them for sex could very well also be purchasing sex from a minor, which makes them a pedophile.

Sometimes the trafficker will ask you if you are “selling yourself “ and if you say no, will still ask you to perform a sexual act. They may not ask you to perform this act right away. They may ask for your phone number , take you out, invite you to their home or a hotel , take you to a friends home , and then try to rape you and force you into sex trafficking.Escorts, prostitutes, street walkers, and other sex workers may involve themselves in the commercial sex trade by doing incalls and outcalls. A incall is when the trick, john or client, comes to the workers house, apartment,hotel or brothel. Out calls are when the sex worker provides their own transportation to the buyers. Some of them are independent workers and drive themselves, but majority are driven by their pimps.If they find out you’re staying in a hotel alone, they will try to force their way up. These human traffickers, usually have a lot of money , or drive average to luxury vehicles. Some of them don’t even have a car at all. These men often prey on women during sports seasons and at football games.

Even waitresses and maids are lured into prostitution.The Mafia will stalk their prey 24/7 until they get to them. They will usually emotionally harass their prey until they end up in a mental institution or hospital and they ending up giving the predator their whole income. Runaways are also a target for the traffickers. They will lure the victim with false promises of making money,luxury, and a “family”, but the victims usually end up poorer, and emotionally damaged.

Some of the women who are forced into trafficking, search online for modeling gigs and are forced into sex trafficking after meeting up with the trafficker. After getting in the car with the traffickers they can take them anywhere. They may act like they are taking them to the place they told them they would,then lock all the doors and take a detour. It is also important to look out for panel vans. Traffickers use those type of vans to throw their victim in the back and kidnap them.

When traveling out of the country the victim ran from, sometimes the traffickers will kidnap the victim before bringing them in front of the Mafia. They will give them little food, steal their passports and begin to sell them to the buyers. If they try to flee, they get beat up by the pimps, who allow them to recover and begin dehumanizing them all over again. They will begin to abuse and break down the victim so they can keep profiting off of the prostitute. The traffickers pick their victims very well.They know everything about the victims life, from who they know, how much money they have, where they live, and how hard their life really is. Some of the John’s and tricks who rape the victims of trafficking and get away with it, are cocky about it because the victims are stigmatized and receive little sympathy from society.

Human trafficking in the United States of America

The United States is ranked one of the worst countries in the world for human trafficking. The lure of glamour and high fashion also lures some of the women in the U.S. into high class prostitution. California is one of the nations top four destinations for human traffickers in the U.S. A lot of trafficking happens to and from the U.S./Mexico border. In Las Vegas,90% of women are being trafficked by their pimps. California has had the highest number of reported human trafficking cases since 2019. They become forced into sex trafficking through modeling gigs and sometimes porn.

Life after prostitution,can be pretty unbearable.The average age a person enters the sex trade in the United States, is between 12-14 years old. Venezuelan migrants desperate for money, are are also forced into sex trafficking. A lot of them travel from Mexico. It is an extremely dangerous trade.Prostitution (a misdemeanor crime)is illegal in the United States of America, except for some rural counties in Nevada.

In Washington, District of Columbia 

In the District of Columbia,40% of sex trafficking victims are African American. The most sex trafficking occurs in poor neighborhoods, urban areas and interstate highways.In 2004, Washington DC developed a human trafficking task force to increase prosecution of traffickers. Over a course of three years, the prostitution arrest increased.In 2017, there were 227 arrest for prostitution. In 2018, there were 519 arrest. In 2019, there were 718 arrest. Since that, there has been reports to decriminalize sex work because the prostitutes keep getting trapped in a cycle of homelessness and poverty. The bill has not been passed because they are fearful of decriminalizing it, because the pimps and traffickers would use that opportunity to force more prostitutes into sex work. The red light district is long gone, but there are over 20 licensed strip clubs in the city. There are also a lot of gay male sex workers bullying and dominating the women in the sex industry. 

More than 2,000 children go missing every year and 13% of the youth human trafficking victims are boys. Young black girls are often seen as the perpetrator, not a victim and they rarely receive media attention when they are victimized or when they go missing. The predators see them as perfect prey. The traffickers usually try to force the victims to leave home to engage in sex work and to stop the madness, DC passed the Prohibition of Human Trafficking Act of 2010. In 2013, 60% of minors were arrested for prostitution. It is a very tragic situation, and in DC ,for some people, engaging in criminal activity is a part of everyday life.

In Ohio

Prostitution is the most misunderstood criminal enterprise in America. In Ohio , 88% percent of trafficking involve sex trafficking,most are under the age 18 and 84% are US citizens. Toledo,Ohio ranks 4th in the nation for sex trafficking arrest. 90% of runaway juveniles become involved in the sex industry and nearly 3,000 youth are at risk. Columbus, Ohio has the largest number of children being sex trafficked. Cleveland, Ohio has the largest number of adults being forced into sex trafficking. The buyers come from all walks of life, and usually overlook the problem. The penalty for human traffickers in Ohio is a first degree felony, and a minimum of 10 years.

In New York City

Human Trafficking is a major problem in New York City. Under cover officers remind the public, that selling drugs still produces a harsher penalty and prison time than prostitution. The major prostitution areas in NYC are as follows: 42nd street 8th Ave to 56th near Port Authority, Brooklyn -Sunset Park (hispanic),Bronx -all over and Queens-Corona ,East Elmhurst and Roosevelt Ave.The Trafficking victims protection act of 2000 states that anyone under the age of  18 induced to perform any commercial sex act is a victim of human trafficking.In 2006 NYC passed a Safe Harbor law which allows minors under 16 to be arrested for prostitution, for first arrest only and that anyone over 16 are tried as adults. The victims are rarely rescued are continuously being verbally, physically and sexually abused without any remorse from the perpetrators.

Profile of a woman working in sex industry

In Tennessee 

The trafficking of children is a sneaky crime. The trafficking is more common in rural areas such as East Tennessee and also in Middle Tennessee. Most of the child trafficking is family based, and starts with someone the child trust. In 2020, nearly 900 cases were reported. Some of the red flags include, the child being very anxious or submissive in the setting they are in, signs of physical abuse, or the child is being closely monitored by someone who is not a guardian or parent. The prosecution of minors was decriminalized in 2013. Thirteen year old children can no longer be charged with prostitution in the state. Child sex trafficking is defined as the solicitation of a minor for sex and that money is being made off of the abuse of a child. The average age is 12-13 but there has been reported cases of children being sold as young as toddlers. Teenagers are the most vulnerable for the predators. In March 2021, 150 missing children, ranging in age 3-17, were recovered by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and 90 still remain missing. Most recently, in June 2021, seven men were arrested for seeking sex from minors during a human trafficking sting. Every two minutes, in the United States, a child is being brought and sold. Trafficking is more prevalent in Tennessee than gangs.

Human Trafficking in the Caribbean

In Dominican Republic 

In the Dominican Republic, prostitution is legal , but pimping is not. Some of the women are being trafficked from Haiti. Customers prefer light skin Dominican sex workers because they are more favored than the darker prostitutes. The darkskin prostitutes are forced to work the streets and less favorable environments instead of upscale areas. They are subject to being trafficked all throughout the Caribbean and across the world. There is a program in the DR for female sex workers infected with HIV called MODEMU.It was formed in 1996. The highest HIV rates are amoung men who have sex with men and Haitians.

In Barbados 

Prostitution in Barbados is legal but once again, human trafficking is absolutely illegal, and so is running a brothel. A lot of women sex tourist travel to Barbados looking for a male romantic partner, rather than considering themselves to be a prostitute. The male sex workers have more freedom because they do not work in brothels or have a pimp and they often approach vulnerable,wealthy,lonely women looking for love. Sometimes they don’t even use protection.Once they get inside the woman’s head, or engage in a romantic encounter, they will use that as an opportunity to get money out of the vulnerable female worker. Immigrants from Jamaica and Guyana are subject to trafficking in Barbados. The predators will also use social media to troll the victims. In 2016, the Trafficking in Persons Prevention Act was set in place.For adults, human traffickers can face up to 25 years in prison plus fines which is a harsher sentence than the United States,which is usually just 10 years. If the victim is a child, they will receive a life sentence .

In Trinidad and Tobago 

Prostitution in Trinidad and Tobago is legal  but pimping isn’t. Majority of the sex workers come from other parts of the Caribbean and travel there regularly to sell their bodies for hard cash. Port of Spain is the main city for prostitution in Trinidad and Tobago is known for its female sex tourism (American and European tourist ), in which the female travels there looking to get laid.

The Venezuelan, Asian, and Trinidadian traffickers in Trinidad usually prey on Venezuelan migrants or those traveling from Sucre,even as young as 14, lock them in rooms, drug them up and force them to prostitute themselves. They will force them to charge about $50 for 30 minutes , $100 for an hour, and $1,000 for an entire night. The traffickers will charge the customers a lot more for younger girls. The brothels are hidden and undetected and to avoid police raids, sometimes the brothel keeper will bribe the police. Like most sociopathic sex traffickers and organized crime groups, they will lure their victims with false promises of a better life by giving them a false job offer, kidnap them ,steal their passports, documentation and other property, lock them in a room or brothel , barely feed them ,and force them to prostitute against their will day after day. 

When the victim(s)seeks help, instead of the government providing services for the victims, they will charge them for immigration offenses , send them to a detention center and then have them deported. They fled to Trinidad for a better life because they felt there was so hope where they already were. Trinidad and Tobago has the highest demand for sexual services and prostitution than other areas in the Caribbean. The rest of the victims who end up staying in Trinidad, only stay for a few weeks or months before being forced into trafficking in places farther away in other parts of the world such as Europe and Africa.

Human Trafficking in Africa

A photo of a prostitute in South Africa on

Human Trafficking is the third most profitable crime in the world after drug and arms trafficking .Prostitution and human trafficking takes place all over the continent of Africa.This includes the East, West, North and Southern parts and also the Center. It is the epicenter of the AIDS epidemic. There are 24 million people infected with the virus in Africa alone. One million of those infected with the virus,die each year. Women,children,and men,sell sex in brothels, bars, hotels, restaurants, clubs and other typical places to be noticed by traffickers, pimps, kidnappers and smugglers.

In regulated countries such as Senegal, the legal prostitutes must register with the police, carry a valid sanitary card, test regularly for STD’s,be over 21, and have an up to date medical card. Some of the women being trafficked into Africa are not only of African decent, but are of Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese races. Most of the sex trafficking victims are being controlled by Nigerian gangs and also partitioners accused of witchcraft.

Countries where prostitution is legal

Prostitution, is legal in some countries , such as South Nigeria,Botswana, Tunisia,Tanzania,Uganda, Guinea-Bissau,Malawi, Mozambique, Mali,Réunion,Mayotte, Algeria, South Sudan,Ethiopia ,Senegal (legalized in 1966 ), Sierra Leone, Togo,MauritiusKenya (in some cities), Eritrea,Democratic Republic of the Congo (which has over 2 million sex workers ) ,Central African Republic, Namibia, Zambia, Cape Verde, Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, and Lesotho, (with an HIV rate of 71%). In Kenya, there has been repeated cases of girls getting beaten and murdered by clients. Pimping and running a brothel is illegal in all these countries. Some of the pimps are drug dealers who force prostitutes to use drugs. A brothel is defined as any place used for prostitution, or for persons to visit for the purpose of having unlawful carnal intercourse or for any other lewd or indecent purpose.

Countries where prostitution is not legal 

Selling sex is illegal in North Nigeria,Angola, Sudan, Ghana,Djibouti (where military troop bases are located), Mauritania ,Liberia, São Tomé and Príncipe,Gambia,Seychelle,Comoros, Niger,Zimbabwe ,Chad,Cameroon, Egypt,Libya, Equatorial Guinea,Guinea,Morocco (attracting mainly foreign pedophiles)Burundi ,Gabon,Somalia,Rwanda( with an HIV rate of 46%) ,and South Africa. In some countries in Africa, buying sex is not illegal.

In South Africa

People do not like to use condoms in South Africa which is the leasing cause of the ongoing AIDS epidemic. South Africa has the highest HIV rate (at a staggering 7 million),and unemployment rates in the whole world. Sex workers are often being extorted and cruelly mistreated by the police. They also say the the police are confiscating their condoms when they are arrested. The police suspect prostitution when their are four or more condoms in their possession.

Prostitution is still illegal in South Africa. In May,2021, sex workers in Johannesburg marched the streets demanding that prostitution be legalized because they believe it is not a crime. Sex workers were among the first to be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic financially. They also have not been able to access HIV medications and condoms.They have been fighting for the decriminalization of sex work over the past few years. They are unable to claim unemployment benefits when their income runs out. They often have to turn to handouts for basic needs such as food, sanitary pads, and hygiene which is completely unacceptable.The Sex Worker Education and Advocacy Task Force reported over 10 sex workers are murdered each year there.

In Madagascar 

Prostitution in Madagascar is legal, but child prostitution is not. Anyone caught purchasing sex from an underage child (anyone under the age of 18) can face up to 10 years  imprisonment.The city is known for sex tourism, and the penalties are strictly enforced on foreign tourist. Nosy Be is a common area for prostitution in Madagascar. Police corruption is common, and they are also known for extorting sex workers and abusing them.The children being sold in Madagascar are usually sold by their parents because they desperately need money. The HIV rate is low, however,Madagascar has the highest rate of sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s or STI’s) in the world.

In Nigeria 

There is a lot of sexual exploitation of women in Nigeria. Over half of the people who flee the country for a better life, come from Edo state, particularly fleeing from Benin City (a population of close to 2 million). They particularly choose Europe for job opportunities. When fleeing , some get trapped in Libya and forced into sex work. It is a dangerous and very bad state. About 90 percent will be trafficked. Some of them go missing, and are never heard from again. Some of the migrants traveling to Italy by boat, die and never make it. 

Human Trafficking in Europe

In Germany 

In Germany, 90%of sex workers are immigrants and into the trade because it is legal. Most of them have no apartment , work illegally and have no health care. They have to have a huge number of clientele in order to pay the rent. Unbeknownst to the workers, they are victims of trafficking even if they are working in a club. Germany is seen as a paradise for pimps and sex workers and approximately 1.5 million men visit prostitutes everyday.

In Switzerland 

In Switzerland, prostitution has been legal there since 1942. In Geneva, 90% of the women there choose to be a prostitute.The women are being brainwashed into thinking they aren’t being exploited.

In Britain

In Britain, prostitution is legal, human trafficking is not. In Britain,20% of sex workers are men and 5% of them work on the street. Also, 47% of sex workers are victims of crimes such as robbery and rape. Research states that, approximately 36% receive threatening phone calls and text.

In Italy

In Italy, such as Milan ,prostitution is legal but brothels and pimps are not ,neither is soliciting yourself on the street. Brothels were banned in 1958, but the sex workers can still work from apartments or in private.There are about 70,000 sex workers in Italy. Some of them are trafficked to Italy from Nigeria, China, Brazil and Bulgaria. Eighty percent of Nigerian women trafficked to Italy are forced into prostitution.The Nigerian workers make as little as 15 euros for sex acts or twice that for unprotected sex with tricks. They may have to pay off a debt up to 35,000 euros and are forced into prostitution through violence, force, fear and black magic (voodoo).The Chinese prostitutes trafficked to Italy ,are usually over the age of 29 and dress more modestly.Some of them remain on the streets for up to eight years. 

Human Trafficking in Asia

In India 

In Mumbai, Maharashtra , the second most populated city in India,over 20,000 girls are working as prostitutes. Brothel houses line the Red light district known as Kamathipura. It is one of the largest Red light Districts in Asia.Their sex workers include men, women , children and transgender people and is one of the major destinations for sex tourist. India has a large commercial sex trade. Most of the workers in Mumbai are being trafficked from Nepal and Bangladesh. The female sex workers enter the trade for a number of reasons including death of a parent, marital abuse , death of a husband or extreme poverty. Some of them are sold by their family , friends, and acquaintances. Around 90% of sex workers in Mumbai are indentured servants. The male sex workers are at high risk for contracting HIV. A lot of the clients tend to seek services outside of brothels for fear of catching AIDS. The female and children sex workers in India continue to ignore the increasing large growing number of male and transgender workers which puts them risk.

The brothels are patrolled by thugs who work for the Mafia to make sure the young girls don’t run away. The young women also have madams and pimps who they have to pay their money to. Virgins in Mumbai are a high demand to the customers.The men will often bid on the young women because they believe that if they have sex with a virgin or a child, it will reduce their chance of catching a disease. They also have a practice in Mumbai that when a young girl is presented to a client as a virgin they cannot use a condom. Most of the young women are forced to have sex without a condom with the clients. About 70% of them have HIV. It is a brutal industry. 

In Areas such as Delhi, Hassan, Malda and Haryana some of the victims are being forced into trafficking by becoming a child bride. The men will beat, abuse and discard the young women.The men will purchase their wives as young as 12, and resell them again when they are tired of them. Having sex with a minor is illegal And The prohibition of child marriage act of 2006 , overlooks the families and parents involved in the act of child marriage but if they are caught, they can receive up to two years in prison. Most of them don’t care and will sell their children on purpose.The families rarely accepts the victims back into the family after they are rescued from trafficking, leaving them alone and vulnerable to suffer more endless abuse.

In the red light distract in Delhi, the women will try to make a customer out of every man who walks by. The brunettes have the choice of sharing their name or weather they want to hide their face or not. They are often starved,shamed,and disgraced by the public and , played and molested by the men which leaves permanent damage in their souls. They prefer to sell their body instead to feed their children and not suffer in poverty .

Some female sex workers are initiated into prostitution through a ceremonial cult practice called Devadasi, a practice that dates all the way back to the 7th century in India. The system was outlawed in 1988, but it still prevalent in some parts of southern India ,particularly in the state of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.In the practice of Devadasis, women are not permitted to marry, because they are  married to the diety called Goddess Yellamma. After they are initiated, they are sold into the sex trade. The older prostitutes guide the younger sex workers in their every day life because they are in high demand for the customers.Most of the women over 40 have either contracted HIV , have several illnesses ,or are near death and have spent their whole lives trapped in poverty. Over 5 million Indians are infected with HIV and the illiteracy rate is also high. They have one of the HIV highest rates in the world. 

In Cambodia 

In Cambodia, 80-90% of women are selling their daughters and that is how they become sex workers (there are Victims of sex traffickers from Cambodia right here in the United States hiding in plain sight). Some illegal immigrants are forced into trafficking to pay off their smuggling debt.For majority of them, it is hard to get out of the life because they can not find the help they need. They will even begin to bond with their trafficker (called trauma-bonding) because they are the only person they have in their life.

The gang members use force and violence against the sex workers who refuse to have sex with all the members. After they rape them, they will not pay them the fee or give them money to get home. 32% of the prostitutes in Phnom Penh get raped everyday by more than 10 men a day. The rapist are influenced by pornography and movies. A lot of them are poor, and that is the only way to exert their power. They often want the prostitutes to imitate what they see in the porn films. 

There is a lot of corruption in Cambodia.The offenders are arrested after the victims reports the offense, but they are soon released and inflict more violence on the workers. The offenders are also good at bribing the police and the police are often seeking money from the prostitutes. Virgins are paid up to $400 for a first time client,then after that, they are paid around $60. Over time,after degrading and dehumanizing the women, the men pay less and less. Cambodia has one of the highest HIV rates in Southeast Asia. About 50% of Cambodia’s sex workers, are HIV positive.

In Dubai

In Dubai (UAE),in 1936 ,prostitutes were forced to get married, or leave the country.There are brothels in Dubai, and most of the prostitutes are from other countries. Human trafficking in Dubai is a huge problem, and is another top destination for the sex trade.

Photo on

In Mongolia

In Mongolia, any form of prostitution or organized prostitution is illegal, but pimping is still a lucrative trade. To protect their profits, the pimps have to recruit new prostitutes on a daily basis. The women or girls usually give the pimp a percentage of their earnings for protection. The percentage varies.They usually use, a middle man or another prostitute to recruit new sex workers to avoid harsh prison sentences. Most of the women recruited are young girls without a stable income, and go to the pimps for money,clothes, and food. They are often being trafficked in Hong Kong and all through China.Some of them are trafficked to Malaysia,Japan and South Korea. In Mongolia, prostitution and human trafficking is an international problem and has reached epidemic levels. According to research there is an estimated 1 prostitute out of every 160 people.

In the Philippines 

Prostitution is illegal in the Philippines. Angeles City is known for its sex tourism and military bases. Like most victims of prostitution, they are forced to the sex trade due to poverty. Most of the women are considered dancers or “entertainers”and the tricks/John’s are considered “boyfriends”. They receive about 150 pesos per customer or 1000 pesos per client for a whole day. There are clinics to protect the military men from being infected by sex workers and the sex workers have to pay for the medical expenses themselves on a weekly basis. The customers are rarely criminalized, and the workers are rarely tested for HIV. 

Some military men and tourist, visit the Philippines for the sole purpose of having sex with a minor. They pick their victims as young as 12.The 2003 Protect Act was constructed to prosecute U.S. foreigners visiting the Philippines to be prosecuted in the United States for child exploitation if they are caught trafficking anyone under the age of 18. They pick up their victims in karaoke bars, casas, bikini bars, street corners,  brothels, escort services, massage parlors and bars. 

In Pakistan 

Red light district area in Lahore on

As a strict Muslim country, prostitution in Pakistan is illegal and in some parts punishable by death. The country deemed the sex trade immoral. The victims of human trafficking are often found in brothels (sometimes subjected to police raids but they often take bribes) and the prostitutes who choose to do that type of work are often referred to as “call girls” and work from a private setting because they know it is illegal. Most of the sex trade is prevalent in cities such as Karachi and Lahore (specifically in Shahi Mohalla). Women from Afghanistan, Nepal, China, Bangladesh, Russia,Iran and other areas are subject to sex trafficking in Pakistan by lure of false job offers and forced marriages.

The first brothels were discovered in Lahore during the Afghan attacks in the 1700s, when the city was known for its performing arts. Entertainers were then known as tawaifs. They eventually became sex workers for English soldiers who had been stationed there. Over the centuries, leading up to the modern day era, the sex workers turned to the internet to solicit their services.

The gay brothels and male sex workers are located in every major city in Pakistan despite the fact that it is illegal and punishable by death. Their clients come from all walks of life ranging from bus drivers to policemen and they are also fond of young boys. They often perform sex acts in the buyers cars. Plain clothes officers are also known for extorting boy prostitutes,raping them and not paying them.  Nine of of every ten street boys (ninety percent)have been abused by them. 30% of the heroin users are HIV positive.

In Japan 

Prostitution (and becoming a customer of it) in Japan is illegal. One out of every twenty women of all ages, even old women, in Japan work as a prostitute (which means Baishunpu in Japanese ) most of them, being limited to certain legal sex acts such as fashion health and escort delivery services, oral and receiving a bath from the girl.Some of them have children, expensive rent, tuition ,and business and need the money. They see it as a flexible opportunity instead of working long hours. Some of their clients are men who are in a sexless marriage. There are also brothels in Japan to have sex with married women specifically. Some of the clients are college boys. 

In the 20th century, prostitutes were known as Asobi-Onna (women of pleasure) and a man could have as many wives as they pleased. Although they set many fashion trends, most prostitutes were sold into the profession by their parents. The Samurai were not allowed to bring their swords into the brothels because they thought the prostitutes would kill themselves. In 1956, the Diet of Japan passed the Anti-Prostitution Law which came into force two years later,in 1958.

It is estimated that around 40% of all Japanese men have been to a brothel at least once. The brothels in Japan ban foreigners and people who lack Asian characteristics.The sex industry in Japan is about 24 billion dollars per year. Women, men, and children from Asia, Russia, East Europe, Africa and South America are trafficked into Japan through false marriages and lures of employment. The traffickers use force, violence, deportation,blackmail, stealing passports,and fear to hold the victims hostage. They are usually trafficked on to East Asia and North America.

Hellish conditions :Indicators of human trafficking

Signs of a human trafficking victim include mental health problems such as post traumatic stress disorder ( PTSD -a severe mental health disorder). Victims of human trafficking suffer the same severity of PTSD as war combat victims. They may also have branding (tattoos) that show signs of trafficking.Most traffickers force their victims into getting tattoos.They also may suffer from a number of other indicators including, anxiety, depression, and trauma bonding with the perpetrators. Other signs include dizziness, hopelessness,physical pain, panic attacks, traveling with little to no personal property, inappropriately dressed for the weather,nightmares,dissociation, suicidal thoughts and hyper alertness. They may also suffer from malnutrition or lack personal identification documentation, fertility problems, alcohol and drug abuse, unwanted pregnancies, exposure to sexually transmitted diseases including HIV and other health problems are the physical harms resulting from human trafficking.