Modern day Slavery and extreme poverty still exist in the Commonwealth state of Virginia: Being a minority is not easy

Virginia is a commonwealth state. I don’t care how many times you study the law, there will always be something that you do not know. It is the very first state where the African slaves landed by ship, when brought from Africa in the 1600’s. Virginia was the first and largest slave port in America. On the slave ship, the men where shacked in pairs on one side of the ship and the women were unshackled and held on another side. They were all treated as cargo.The children were free to move about the ship. All of the slaves were forced to eat rice and beans and had to relieve themselves of human waste right where they sat. They were not allowed to starve themselves.The women were often raped and sexually abused by their captors during the journey. When the slaves forcefully came from Africa across the Atlantic, some of the slaves died of diseases such as malaria and smallpox and others committed suicide by jumping overboard.

When they finally arrived to Virginia , the remaining slaves who survived were given jobs working in the fields. The slaves were ordered to work out in the fields from sunrise to sunset. Majority of the slave trade was taking place in the south. Women slave owners were more bitter than men. They were the cruelest and most callous.During slave auctions, The disobedience of a slave was determined by the number of lashes on their body. Light skinned people, of course, were brought at a higher price.The slave trade is and was considered the lowest form of humanity.

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What slaves go through in the present

Slavery in a Virginia is alive and well. The prison system is also a huge problem in the commonwealth. Even if you think you’re the coolest in town and nothing will ever happen to you , it can. Their system loves making money off the poor by throwing people in prison for minor stuff such as a driving ticket or a fine for using profane language in public. No matter how small the mistake they will find a way to fine you , or have you arrested. Virginia’s driving laws are very strict and they have lots of speed traps. Their jails suck, as most jails are, and are extremely dirty. The prison population in Virginia is rising and the people in there are not in there for minor crimes. Some of them started off getting arrested for minor traffic stops, then once they realize how corrupt their system is, the fight for survival increased. The fines, jail time,racial profiling, and discrimination took a toll over their life. 

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If you think you’re moving to a nice quiet peaceful neighborhood in the country , it might not be that peaceful. You can mind your business all day long and people will still be in yours. A lot of the people have money so they tend to think they’re rich and stay at home all day doing nothing. They use that time to pry into their neighbors affairs or snitch to the police. They aren’t very creative. A lot of impoverished people travel to the District of Columbia or Northern Virginia, only to find out how bougie they are.

The public transportation system is slow. Unlike New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami, there is no train system to take you all over the city. Most of the citizens drive a car. A lot of them chose to work in shipyards or join the military, which is not even an option for people who grew up in poverty. You may think the bus is coming at a certain time but it will be several hours later that it arrives. People will also judge you for taking the bus, and local businesses will not hire you. You are subject to crime and discrimination catching the bus. The bus drivers are mostly African American and can be a pretty bit ratchet. They all seem to know each other and gossip travels at lightening speed.It isn’t vibrant, enthusiastic, or interesting for a poor black African American or any minority for that matter. For animal lovers, the Norfolk Zoo wildlife is bland and they rarely have any new species of animals.

The public school system is pretty rough. The drop out rate is high, especially in Portsmouth, and all of the local community colleges are filled with inexperienced teachers and lazy students. Mostly criminals and poor people who can’t afford a university and they suck too. A lot of the students are angry and they tend to carry guns to school. Why go to school just to end up a criminal?

A riot is the language of the unheard.

Dr. Martin Luther King jr.

Virginia is also very behind when it comes to releasing current information. You might be at a store we see a sign for an event that was 2 months ago, sometimes even years ago. They fail to keep up with the current trends or events. When you reach out to businesses they almost never return your call and it is not a heavily populated area. A lot of the employees that work at these businesses are lazy and spend most of their time chatting with friends instead of doing their job.

They have very limited resources in the commonwealth. If you are a poor minority and think you’re are going to move here and live the American dream you can forget it. They have limited resources for homeless people and people of human trafficking as well as sexual assault. The project housing units are filled with drugs, crimes and prostitutes just like any other state. You won’t see very much graffiti, but you will see a bunch of fake rappers pretending to be in poverty by spending time in neighborhoods they don’t really belong. The food banks give out food that is expired and old. The shelters give out food that isn’t healthy. Marijuana is also illegal in Virginia and they don’t have dispensaries. It isn’t multicultural. It is mostly equally made up of blacks and whites with a few Hispanics residing in places like Virginia Beach, Richmond, and NoVa.

On the Eastern Shore, there are over 3,000 immigrants from Mexico living in migrant camps alone.Some of them are illegal and undocumented. In 2020, half of them tested positive for COVID-19. They are not allowed to leave the camps or go anywhere and are often threatened with violence. Also In 2020, over 10,000 immigrants migrated from Mexico to Virginia to work in the agricultural field. Once they get to the camps, they are trapped, some even having to stay there for several years. They don’t get to see their family or go out to get fresh air. They live in barrack like dormitories and must be accompanied by a crew leader just to go to the store once a week to buy food. The majority of the undocumented immigrants from Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and countries in Central and South America have lived in Virginia for 5-14years.

Majority of the population doesn’t care about anything. They just don’t care about anything. Most of them have narcissistic characteristics and it can be extremely difficult for a person with minimal education to be taken seriously, no matter how serious they are. The upper class feed off the violence, and will treat the lower class like they are their masters.You may find a sadistic female laughing at a man who has been killed, with her friends, just posted at the store talking about the incident like it’s normal or you may witness people getting bullied for who they are, for no apparent reason. You will also see people holding up signs stating they are homeless , looking like they haven’t eaten or showered in weeks. No one seems to help them and I don’t understand why.To sum it all up, modern day slaves can not run away away to live in peace or have a place to live, are forced into poverty,they have to take public transportation or drive illegally, they are poorly educated, have very limited resources and are treated poorly by mainstream society.