On August 8th 2021, I checked my bank account today and there were 9 unauthorized purchases from Live Me America Inc. I have no idea who this company is nor did I sign up for anything. Nine of the transactions were for $9.99 all made on that day. I contacted my bank company and they said that because the charges are pending, I cannot file a dispute. The representative said that I will have to wait up to seven business days to see if the money is released back onto the card and if it is not released by then, then I can file a dispute which can take anywhere between 10-45 days to resolve.On August 10th, 2021, I was forced to file a dispute against the merchant for the 9 charges. I traced the unauthorized charges back to a website called I discovered the fraud around 5:29 pm on the 8th of August ,and after checking the scammers website again, around 7:23pm, they changed the homepage of the website and took the LIVE ME AMERICA INC. title off of the homepage.

A another screenshot of the scammers website taken earlier when I discovered the fraud

The scammers took a total of $90 out of my account that I did not authorize. It appears that the scammers were attempting to wipe my account clean. This company called Live me America INC does not even have a telephone number listed on their website. It is absolutely disgusting that I was scammed in this type of manner and I want my money back in my account. I was targeted by this organization claiming to end violence against children and it is absolutely disturbing and humiliating that they would do something like this. As a victim of abuse for the umpteenth time, I feel uneasy, afraid, targeted and alone. I am very careful who I share my personal information with and I rarely sign up for anything online, so I am not sure how this incident could have happened, but it was reported to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Internet Crime Complaint center

A photo of the money stolen from my account and this is only one page taken on August 8th,2021
A photo of the posted transactions, the money that the scammers were able to steal two days later on the 10th of August.

The dispute was resolved on August 24, 2021. I was relieved but I was devastated at the same time and my heart nearly dropped the minute I realized someone had took my money. I could’ve been anywhere . When I was in Los Angeles, California, my EDD funds were frozen and I could never recover them. I was in the middle of a purchase at a store when my card kept getting declined and I knew the money was in there. In Washington, DC I was mugged and had a bag of clothing and camping supplies stolen from me. In Richmond, Virginia a human trafficker stole and totaled my vehicle. In Chesapeake, Virginia a theif snuck into my apartment and forced me to move out. Now this. It is unbelievable how theives, and con artist can just take everything from you without warning. Even when you plan everything to a T and try to protect yourself. You can plan everything out and have all the high tech security features available, and they can still come up with sneaky, clever ways to rob you. I could’ve been anywhere when this happened and it could’ve been a way larger amount of money. That was just $90. What if it was $90,000. I could’ve been all the way in Mexico and I could’ve went to the store for some food and can’t buy anything because it’s nothing there, or stayed in a hotel and couldn’t afford another night. These are perilous times, crime in the world is ridiculous and even the most seasoned survivalist or prepper wouldn’t be able to survive some of the challenges of death that life seems to throw. I always seem to be in a disaster and state of emergency mode. Christianity couldn’t save me either. It isn’t deaths fault. I just happen to be one of the ones it always comes for, and eventually it will.

A screenshot of my money being return to my account. It was not a purchase.