On October 8th, 2021, I was able to get in touch with Messiah ‘el Bey also known Warlock Asylum, author of numerous books on mysticism, film director of the 2015 animated cult classic The Resurrection of H.P. Lovecraft, and the 2016 animated film If America was president: The Simon Necronomicon Story. He is also a music artist and has successfully performed in several venues throughout the New York City jazz scene. He was wearing a comfortable maroon colored T-shirt, and a white skull cap. As I greeted him before the interview, I began to learn more.

Santa Muerte Hollywood: Okay, so when did you get started on your first project?

Warlock Asylum: Wow. You mean artistically or… Just writing, I think, Well, I got offered my first recording contract when I was 14, a couple of friends and I were trying to do what New Addition was doing. Someone stopped us, heard us, and tried to get us a recording contract or whatever, It didn’t pan out ultimately, ’cause our parents were a little bit nervous, but we’re almost about to record in business and stuff like that, and my mother’s side, my maternal side, there’s a couple of people, who were in show business, and she had her challenges or whatever, that sort of thing. So it was like that. And then moving on, I was on, and I started a group, and we made a lot of headway in the New York City area at the time, we were the first rap group to perform at a jazz bar called HoneySuckle West, we opened for Ms. Jones, we had a little bit of experience and then later I got involved into the spoken the word community. A lot of people were on Def Poetry Jam, alot of personal friends, around that era, it’s like a lot of things that I’ve picked up on. I started acting here and there, I started to get more stage presence, and a lot of different things experienced with the arts. Later on out, get more to the musical musical aspect of it, got into production, working with bands and that…that’s like… Everything in a nutshell, a little bit.

Santa Muerte Hollywood: Awesome, What led to your desire to write and how did you become a published author?

Warlock Asylum: Wow. I never really recognized writing as a talent in the beginning, I had… When I was in third grade, the teacher asked us to do a story, so I wrote the story, and I brought it to the teacher and she was like… Were going to the principal’s office, and I was like, Man, what did I do.. My mom is gonna kill me when I get home.. that sort of thing, and what happened with the story was, the story was so good, that she decided to make a new school newspaper, based on the story. At the time I was like, No, and then I was like, Yeah, maybe I was destined to get into writing, but at the time I was just like, I’m just trying to lay down a couple of paragraphs together, just to get a grade or whatever. But growing up, we had to do a lot of reading, a lot of writing, so it was kind of always with me, but I think what happened was when I started getting involved with Chaldean and then Sumerian Mesopotamia spirituality, and then the Necronomicon thing… And then I was like, You know what, there’s not a lot of information out at that time on this subject, so I was like, Let me put an online journal together so that other people could benefit.

And after while people were like, we should put some of these articles together for a book, and that’s how that started. At first, I was really independent. I went to a couple of underground publishers, and then I went to Amazon. I had met Donald Michael Kraig, we had did a interview, and he was trying to bring me into Llewellyn (Publications) but unfortunately, he passed away. So I went into Amazon, and that was something I just love….putting words together, sharing information, trying to bring out the depth of a subject, ’cause a lot of times… One of the frustrations I had was in esoteric sciences. A lot of information you would see on the public end is sort of watered down a little bit, like the deep stuff that I grew up with, it’s not in there no more, so to keep that current… There are a lot of things that are lost in the modern movement, as far as literature is concerned, what’s coming out in literature, so to keep that movement, I wanted to kind of bring out some of the depth of some of these subjects that could be really expanded upon, and it’s not like to give away some sort of forbidden knowledge, this stuff is public knowledge, a lot of it, but it’s not drawn in the recipe of how it was intended to be used a lot of times, so this could kind of help educate the person about the legacy of the tradition of a lot of different things.

Santa Muerte Hollywood: You mentioned in your book that you were initiated into the primal rights of several different religions, can you explain those religions? One of them I recall was Moorish Science, I’m not too familiar with that, but I know one of them was Moorish Science and Judaism. Can you explain those?

Warlock Asylum: I think with the initiation, that was a lot primarily with the rights of Ishtar and the Chaldean, and Sumerian Mesopotamian rites. It was life-changing and the initiation was extremely long. It was really hard core stuff. It brought you into a covenant with those energies and that was a very life-changing event. Another initiation I had was in Shinto, Japanese spirituality. It was an interesting story how I began learning about that, but one of the things that happened at a certain point in time, as far as history, Mesopotamia was very war torn. Part of my quest was to build as a reconstructionist, that paradigm. I would base it on a lot of rites to study, and also rites around the world, that had strong similarities. I’m of the faith that what people call shamanism, all those rites were all one at one time, and based upon the stars light, the vibration is different at different parts of the world, which will give you different foods, it gives you different things to work with, but it will also give you a different sound. Shinto in Japan was the area that was kind of untouched by modern Western thought, and in some ways Colonialism, especially when you’re looking at pre World War II. That was one of the things I had… with those type of changes, your way of thinking is just totally outside the box on modern concepts, and on how they perceive certain things. A lot of times when I do read stuff, which also promotes the rites about Sumer or Japan, because these are people looking at it from a modern perspective, where they don’t have the psychology on how a lot of these things worked. So sometimes I put things out to clarify that as well.

Santa Muerte Hollywood: Okay, what led you to become a devotee of Santa Muerte?

Warlock Asylum: Wow. It was a lot of things on that, I had already been dealing with what people call the Holy death, but through time, I was kind of called into it. Even during that time, I had already started setting up the altar and everything and then I was just keeping this stuff kind of more or less secret, and at one time I was like… It just drew me. Like I started getting close to it, and then when I started researching, I was like, Wow, there’s a lot of meat here that’s missing in this tradition that people are not aware of. And so I sat down and meditated with her for quite some time. Initially, the spark was, in all honesty, was revering part of my heritage. Another story that a lot of people are not aware of, is aside from the California Gold Rush, there was a Gold Rush in North Carolina. It facilitated a lot of people from South America into North Carolina during the 1800s, and a lot of these people mix with the populations that were there. So when I see people of various types, not that it’s necessary to be Mexican, or to be in that lineage, but sometimes there could be that element and people may not be aware of it. Another thing I want to do is give credence to the watch of the land. The watch of the land, that’s very important to give credence to. As an example, in the book of Daniel, right, and it talks about the time Daniel was praying for 21 days, and this angel came down to see him, and the angel was like, look, man, I heard your prayers, but I couldn’t get to you ’cause I was blocked by the Prince of Persia and then Michael had to remove this dude. People look at that and they get a little bit side faced , but the Prince of Persia was doing what he was supposed to do, because Daniel was supposed to petition the watcher of the land. I had quite a few mentors and when one of them was a Nigerian priest, this was years ago, and he told me, he said he can’t do the same things here (U.S.) that he could do over there, he said once he crosses the Atlantic he can’t do the same things here, and he said it’s because the watcher of the land has to be given tribute. So you have to give credence to the watcher of the land, so it was a combination of things, but soulfully, it was a more of a heart quote. I mean… Wow. It’s been an amazing journey so much has been learned, and I really deeply appreciate just meeting other people, sharing their path, and just some of the many things I’ve learned. It has just been priceless and valuable lessons and just an improvement… totally in the way of life. It’s way beyond what I could imagine. You know.

Santa Muerte Hollywood: Are you familiar with Santeria?

Warlock Asylum: Oh, absolutely.

Santa Muerte Hollywood: Would you say your religion is more geared towards Santeria or Islam and What would you consider to be your primary religion?

Warlock Asylum: Primarily, I call myself a Chaldean. Yeah, I’m familiar with that. I actually have worked with that, and Islam, at one time I was really opposed against the Abrahamic faiths. In fact, I was really strongly opposed to the Abrahamic faiths. Sometimes it has a catch 22 in my mind because of some of the things that are said. You know what I mean? But over the years, I’ve become more sympathetic towards it and that sort of thing. So initially Islam that was one of the things that as far as like Moorish Science is concerned, its sort of a different thing, that’s sort of a different form of Islamism. A lot of people may not understand it, but the best way I could describe it, it’s like this is… Buddhism has a very wide philosophy. You have Tibetan Buddhism, you have Zen Buddhism. You have different forms of Buddhism, and no one’s complaining. But Islam-it’s the same thing, there’s a mounting point with the culture and the religion itself, and a lot of people don’t get that, they just think, Oh, it should be like this, no. Just like… Buddhism, it could merge. Just like there’s Roman Catholicism, just like there’s eastern Catholicism, all those things are gonna merge with this culture. We practice Islam in Africa, most of the Imans are Babalawos. If you go to Africa, most of them are priest. The thing about Islam that just is slightly distinct from the Abrahamic faiths, is that is it void of certain cast system ideologies. For example, you know the creator of the universe isn’t gonna make a pact with me so I can get some land, that doesn’t make sense. So that’s totally false idea, so Islam kind of rectify those things, but I would say for myself, since all of those things came out of Chaldea, and often describe myself as a Chaldean. Because that helps clarify everything as far as what came after… When you have that base, I give you an example. When you look at… Let’s say Islam… Okay, their holy day is Friday. They wear white, they pray five times a day, five is a sacred number, they have the crescent im the moon, so we could say pretty much that a lot of that spirituality is based on the rites of Ishtar. Ishtar her holy day was Friday, her color was white, that sort of thing. Now to bring it further into the middle passage, let’s just say there’s a story and Nigerian mythology about Oshun’s dress, Oshun’s dress used to be white, but it became yellow because she was washing it, so because of this, they took her children away. So that tells me that Oshun and Ishtar was the same energy, and that because the energies were being prostituted, that, hey, you want to get a new car… I’ll hook you up… Let me just do a couple of shows down and do this… This is what led to that. And ironically, there were many greek historians in the third and fourth set BC who said that The Canaanites were pushed out the Canon and went into West Africa. Then You look at Ishtar- her symbol is the eight Pointed star and she walked seven gates by the nation of gods and earths, and they wear an eight pointed star with a seven on it, and Ishtars number is 15, it’s very simple, once you start at Chaldean, then you can see everything else behind it.

Santa Muerte Hollywood: So yeah, I believe that there are a lot of similarities between the two because like in Santeria, they both wear white. When a lot of times are required to cover your head as well, and I’m starting to see a lot of similarities between the two religions, and I do believe that they’re coming from the same type of energy, but I just wasn’t sure what that energy was.

Warlock Asylum: Yeah, absolutely. A lot of that is based in Mesopotania because Abraham was a Chaldean, so what he did was he personified the deity but the aspects of it still manifests in different ways that those dieties represent their attributes. For example, like Enki, was to create a humanity, let’s say and his number was 40. He was also the God of water and The God of semen. So, you know when you read about… You look in the Bible like It was raining for 40 days and 40 nights, Okay, thats Enki. Enlil, his brother, which is like a thorn relationship, he was the god of the wind, and he questioned human pair. When we read about God walking through the garden into the breezy part of the day. Okay, that’s Enlil. So you can see the Pantheon in that first book.

Santa Muerte Hollywood: Okay, can you describe and define mysticism?

Warlock Asylum: Mystical practices is, in my opinion, practices that help cultivate your awareness, your soul and your mind. Mystical practices is the way of water, because it applies devotion, and through that devotion, one vould see changes in their lives, but the devotion is symbolic of the transformation of the heart condition, that’s what devotion cultivates and mysticism is very key in that perspective. One thing that I became more aware of as time goes on is, and sometimes it trips a lot of people out, is the place where things have at certain times. For example, a lot of the stuff that people revere in mystical world or esoteric world or whatever, may have began in different ages, like the age of Aries, the age of fire… You what I’m saying now we’re going from Pisces, into the age of Aquarius, but we’re going from an intuitive age to the age of a widening awareness. So when you mentioned like Santeria, and I talk a lot about Catholicism alot in the writings, those things were developed through the shift of time, and what was appropriate for the age at the time.

Santa Muerte Hollywood: How do you feel about African-Americans worshipping Santa Muerte? A lot of them tell me they don’t like that and they have a kind of a controversial view on that particular practice, and then when you study Mexico, you have preachers going down there and opposing to the whole thing, there’s just protesting and opposing and saying that they don’t like it, and you don’t need Santa Muerte and things like that. How do you feel about that?

Warlock Asylum: As far as African-Americans worshipping Santa Muerte, Santa Muerte is a diety that has no face and it could be seen in the symbolism. If you look at Santa Muerte, look at her relic, that’s something that is open to every person, race, creed, color, or whatever -the skull, it’s open to everyone. As far as African-Americans, but there’s a huge entourage of people of African descent who worship Holy Death right next to Mexico is in Brazil. Where its the saint of the good death. I forget the complete title but if you look up the Holy death, the good death, then you also find that there’s a connection with Mary and the good death, so that kind of evals. If you look at the geography, it sort of reveals some of who Santa Muerte is because not to far from Brazil, theyre worshiping the Saint of Good Death, and that has a huge following also, similar to Mexico and the representation of Santa Muerte, but the idea itself is prevalent in other areas as well, Santa Muerte is probabmy the most popular form of how Holy Death is revered. As far as African-Americans, I think, its sort of… It’s a beautiful thing that they’re coming into that knowledge of Holy Death. I think that’s absolutely tremendous and that’s also part of their heritage. People forget that the populations in the Caribbean, Louisiana, Mexico, all of them have that trilateral, that tri-racial blend of africanos, Indigo people, and some European and that’s true with Mexico as well. In Mexico City, I think there was a finding of a grave site in the city when they tested the remains, they found out whoever was buried there, I think like 10%, the blood was African. There’s a lot of African history, there’s a black population in Mexico that is now coming to light, I think they had a census not to long in Mexico, and now this population is identified, people that know about them for some time, and there’s a lot of information about them. I don’t really get on with the color matching thing, I think people should do what they should do because they feel what they need to do, and I should be free to do what they do. When someone puts a staple of I shouldnt do this and that, you could be perfecting something, but you could also be perfecting a limitation, and I feel that it’s good to see people widen out and to embrace that, to be honest and be like, hey, this is working…I love this, this is a beautiful thing.
You know, as far as those people going down into Mexico from the church and all that sort of thing, I think I did a video on that a little while ago, just on my own deal, but I kind of feel that that’s not a good thing. Number one, when you look at Santa Muertes relic, some people in the beginning, are like wow, that’s pretty interesting stuff, but to me, the crucifix is a little bit more horrifying because you’re looking at a human person dying, but this is something that is elevated beyond that, but because the symbolism of certain things is popular, that’s not on cast a shadow on that symbolism, but also the church’s history. Way back to Catholicity churches history, there were certain popes who requested humans skulls in their inner chambers, and the idea was because they needed reminders around them, that’s why these relics began to be able to remember what they need to accomplish in life. I look, I’m not gonna be here every day, so you know what, let me do what I need to do. So that was to enable virtue, but of course, like anything else that’s outside the popular view of the church, even though it’s in the history, they’re gonna criticize it, but I feel if people find benefit in it, strongly they should continue to pursue that path, but I think it’s a great thing. The thing with that sort of thing too, and I don’t wanna be too worry about it, is we’re doing with internet, were dealing with widespan communications, people working from home in different countries and stuff… Basically, the population is on the melting binge right now. So a lot of what goes on, you know what people are doing, it will eventually melt together when people begin to see how much alike they really are.

Santa Muerte Hollywood: How did you develop the pseudonym Warlock Asylum?

Warlock Asylum: Wow, that’s started actually. I was working with an necronomicon at that time, and it was this word… So I was like, That’s cool. And at the same time, I was in the band, and I was like, not want something tough. I want something like Heavy metal.. We wasn’t doing any heavy metal, but I want… I like those kind of names, because they sound rugged like Metallica , Judas Priest, and I was just messing around and I was like, You know what, somehow it came about… I used to write poetry, we used to play with words and it came about and I was like, Yeah, that, that sounds really good. Let me go with that idea, so I did, and that’s how I came out.

Santa Muerte Hollywood: You recently recorded a new track called “Love, Kiss, Dance”. What inspired you to write that track?

Warlock Asylum: The real back story, I was actually working on a jazz album, which was just recently completed, it was supposed to be a sequel to The New Eurekan jazz experience, but it was to be a little bit more on the Funk side. To make a long story short, I would hang out with a couple of dudes, they were house heads, I wasn’t really too deep into house, that sort of thing, but I understood it, you what I’m saying, I understood it, but they were kinda into and one was a DJ. We hadn’t seen each other in a while, and I called my friend on his birthday and he’s like, Hey, I’m gonna call Paul up or whatever, and I said, Man, this dude really wants us to work together again, ’cause we used to do hip hop years ago. So I said, You know, we should do a house joint and we’ll do it in honor of my friend Todd so we agreed. So I said, Let… To make a bet, you do two tracks, I do two tracks, and let’s stir up the crowd to get a little bit of anticipation of working together again, so I hung up the phone and I start messing with something and I was like, Okay, and then by the end of the week, I was like, Yo, this might be something. So what happened was, I finished it and I was listening to it and I was like, Okay, I could see this, and I say, Let me put the jazz album out later, because I just feel this is what it is for the time, and when I finished it, I called another friend of mine, and we started working with video, and when this whole came thing together, I was like, Yo, this is dope, it gives me a feeling of happiness. It feels good. So we put it out and that was it. Yeah, that was it. Yeah.

Santa Muerte Hollywood: So is there anything else you would like to add?

Warlock Asylum: The jazz I was gonna be putting out, I guess It’ll probably be coming out in January 2022. I wanted to add because I know we had met on the topic of Santa Muerte. I wanted to share some of the things that I had learned from that time. A lot of times when I was really, really getting involved on becoming a devotee or whatever, I used to always say I do see myself as a genie in the lamp because a lot of times what can happen is she will open the way just by honoring her but sometimes if we get caught up in this let me get this or let me get that sort of thing to…to invoke something is to create change. Sometimes what we don’t realize is that things could be coming and when we change to a particular taste, it could be limited, there could be bigger things that we just… exercise patience. So a lot of times I would meditate or her and meditate on her qualities and just honor her, and from that, she would see what was needed in life and what was appropriate at the time, but a lot of it, It always came with me learning something, and changing myself, so that’s how my relationship with her has been. It’s always been more learning from her and from that, it’s helped me become a better person, totally so that’s one of the deepest things that I appreciate, and then that’s when I got it, I realized just the beauty of her energy and what possibilities she can bestow or create, or even get you to achieve just through self-transformation.

Santa Muerte Hollywood: How long have you been a devotee?

Warlock Asylum: Oh, wow. I would say about, I would say about 10 years.

Santa Muerte Hollywood: What are some of the practices and rituals that you use in your devotion to Saint Death?, if you dont mind.

The Gnostic Bible of Holy Death. 2020. WarlockAsylum.

Warlock Asylum: Sure. In the text about Santa Muerte, in the Gnostic Bible, There’s a ritual of initiation, a spiritual baptism, that was one of the things that was very transformational, and if anyone wants to learn about her, and take that slow, Wow, that’s a beautiful step-by-step process. It is pretty intense too, because there were times through that process, where I shed a couple of tears. I had came from a background and I was always respectful, but at certain points with certain things and elements I was dealing with, it was more from a perspective like what can this too for me, this sort of thing and she was like, Look, this aint that. Whatever you thought, all this crazy stuff that’s out there, this aint that, and you gotta keep up, you’re gonna see… And so that was one of the things I was working with, working with fire at the time was a huge thing for me. That was a huge thing for me. I mean, I sort of feel obligated, in my work to keep a lot of the traditions alive. A lot of times I would just meditate, with her in front of me, and just kinda sink into the mind. That’s how the book came about acutally and she would just tell me what to write. What happened was, I would match what was said with historical information, that’s what people don’t get, when I write, it’s coming from me tuning into that place, and then I would match the information and that sort of thing. That’s one of the biggest things, is just meditating. I see her in the room. Visualize and that’s very, very, very important. Listening to what she has to say. A friend of mine, years ago used to always say, you can call on them, but what happens when they call on you, because you are creating this bond. It has been a beautiful thing, I really enjoy her energy and I find it very much path-opening and moving. It’s really, really, really beautiful. It’s just really been a tremendous experience.

Santa Muerte Hollywood: Well, thank you for agreeing to talk to me. Thanks, appreciate it. I’ve learned a lot.

Warlock Asylum: Anybody who was looking to learn more about her or whatever to send me an email, I mean, there’s a lot of room for exploration with that tradition and she’s beautiful. Yeah, it’s a beautiful thing, so let’s keep in touch. It’s been a great, great, great experience. I mean, there’s been a lot of blessings and a lot of things learned, and has really brought me to a place of self-confidence and happiness.

Santa Muerte Hollywood: Well, I look forward to you and speaking to you about New projects In the future…

Warlock Asylum: Absolutely, absolutely. We gotta stay in touch. I look forward to talking with you later, and I look forward to hearing some of the experiences you guys listening to this interview have, and it’s been a wonderful time.

Check out Warlock Asylums new fun, vibrant, enthusiastic video “Love, Kiss, Dance” on YouTube below: