Airlines and animals: Discrimination and harassment

Most airlines will only accept any dog breed or size if it is a trained service animal. Training for service animals cost thousands of dollars. Jet Blue is one of them. Jet blue says they will accept all service animals even large dogs over 80 pounds and will let them sit beside the passenger in the cabin.

In 2018 75% of animal deaths occurred on United Airlines. More dogs die on United Airlines than any other Airline. They traveled as cargo shipments. American Airlines and Delta refuses to accept these types of animals due to the risk of death and injury. Older dogs get overheated fast and do not need to be put in cargo in any situation because it is life threatening, they must be on the coach or it is UNSAFE.

Boxers, bulldogs, pugs, pitbull, pitbull terreriors and shih tzu are only a FEW breed of dogs on the restricted breed list for American Airlines. In 2021, all airlines, including Frontier and Southwest Airlines, have banned emotional support animals from flying and will only accept trained service animals or certain small animals and breeds as pets for an extra fee (up to $200). The animal must be small enough to fit into a kennel under the seat. According to the Americans with disabilities Act they are allowed to fly with their owner on the cabin (not cargo), but the airlines are not allowing ESA dogs to fly. 

Sydney, Australia – October 8, 2013: United Airlines Boeing 747 jumbo jet airliner taking off from Sydney Airport.

I had my own experience when I was at Delta Airlines in Los Angleles back in 2020. I was trying to book a flight to the east coast and the black attendant was very, very nasty. She wouldnt let me on with the dog. Not only have I had that experience with Delta Airlines, Ive also experienced worse discrimination with Amtrak. I was able to get on with the animal in Washington, DC but not in Newport News, VA. I had to get a refund and they only gave me a ”partial” refund because I had taken the train from one city to another. What a rip off. Not only have I experienced public embarassment on public transportation, but also at stores and hotels, where the inhumane and cruel doesnt except me or my animal and I find it quite disgusting. Majority of the discrimination and harassment I endure (if not all) comes from the African American community.