The time I sold my soul in Brooklyn  

Around 2019, I posted an ad on Craigslist for cleaning houses in New York City. At the time I was wearing a collar( an initiated necklace into Santeria) for Eshu, Ogun, and Obatala, dressed in all white. I posted the ad while sitting in a Duncan Donuts off Church Ave having a bacon,egg, and cheese wrap. I was also searching for modeling, video ads, and other gigs. Unfortunately nothing came through. I posted an ad for cleaning houses all over Brooklyn, New York while waiting for my appointment at the Brightpoint mental health office. I went to my appointment and when I got out my phone began to blow up. I was looking like a little poor black woman from Mexico but the clientele started to roll in- or so I thought it was.

My first client called. He asked for a date, then gave me the address to his house. When I first got to his block in Bay Ridge, I was lost. I rang his doorbell. No one came. I left out of his building and then I went into CVS to purchase something. He tried calling back and I picked up. He told me to go back to the same address and this time he opened the door. It was a middle aged chubby hispanic man. He was a Muslim from the middle east. He invited me in the house. I immediately felt comfortable sitting on the couch with the television and AC on , and asked if I could take a shower. He said yes and led me to the bathroom. I showered in the hot cozy shower inside the small apartment on the hispanic/latin/arab block. After I took a shower he gave me a large sum of money and then led me to his bedroom, pulled out a rubber and asked me to get in the bed. He confessed to being a very religious person. Anyways, he began chatting about his ex. Then back to religion. Then me. He said he liked my dark skin and then began to have sex with me. After it was over I went back into the living room, put on my clothes, and sat on the couch for some time. Then I left. I took the money and hopped on a train back to Manhattan. I wanted to hustle more but I was scared. I was scared I would end up at Rikers Island for prostitution. I went to Chinatown, boarded a bus down South, and hid. I haven’t posted online on Craigslist or any other websites in New York City since. Something as simple as cleaning houses, can turn into a human trafficking nightmare.