Dehumanization and fear : My Rape statistics chart by zip code between 2019-2021

The chart below displays the number of times I have been raped, degraded, and dehumanized by zip code. The pepatrators were strangers and parsimonious bogus men pretending to be a boyfriend or “pimp” , complete sociopaths, and down-low confused homosexual men who thought and wished I was a 5’1 male, who live a double life, and wanted to hurt me, because I was forced into prostitution. Im not a transgender and Im not a lesbian. I do not wear any piercings other than my ears. I have a lot of branding markings, however I am not a freak. The perps often get me confused with the likings of my previous captors. When the rapist assume I am being prostituted, they always pop back up and start stalking me and threatening me for a freebie. Its overwhelmingly gross. Some of the predators are women and JEZEBEL spirited type people and are extremely gross and narcissistic, and in denial about their sickening predatory behavior. As you can see in the chart below, the 757 is an area that is heavily infested with pedophiles, rapists, terrorist, child abusers, and murderers. There are also alot of gang members huddled up on street corners, bus stations, clubs, bus stops, strip malls, train stations, apartment complexes, convenient stores, and other sketchy locations. They often use social media websites such as Instagram, Tik Tok, and Snapchat to troll their victims. I always stay to myself upon arrival in any location, especially the Virginia, DC, Maryland area, and I quickly learned to always pay attention to every situation closely, and make sure that a I am always aware of my surroundings and to never talk to strangers, something I didn’t do as a kid. 2022, is a new year, and I will not let this chart grow any longer. It’s disgusting. Im a felon so housing is hard to get. I rarely stay in hotels, other peoples houses, shelters, or whore houses or anywhere where I’m at risk for being raped, peeping toms, neglected, starved, TRAFFICKED, physically abused, or sold. Between 2019-2021, I have been sexually violated over 24 times.

A chart showing the number of times I have been raped between 2019-2021 2022.