No mom, I still don’t believe in Christianity 

My mom is your typical overly cocky narcissistic black woman and a person who thinks they are above the law. You know, like actress Monique in the movie Precious. She has crooked police in the palm of her hand. In the spirit world, My mom is a Satanist disguised in Christian appearance. The entire Christian religion is evil and cult-like. It’s like modern day slavery. The religion is absolutely disgusting. My mother owns a lot of books about Santanic and demonic activity. She has been purchasing those books since I was a kid. She still goes to church. I don’t, because I have been molested, neglected, and grossly abused by religious leaders and church goers in the past. I’ve also seen a lot of avaricious Christian religious leaders sniffing numerous lines of Cocaine, partying heavily, and flexing on poor people like rich Hollywood superstars. They always have money for new flashy cars. I don’t, whether I believe or don’t. I remember being given a bible during each incarceration and the Daily Bread and a whole bunch of Christian bullshit books that I never enjoyed reading. I also remember being in a pod for a short time and use to see a large group of women praying and worshiping Jesus every morning and night. It was the most cult-like scene I ever saw. It disgusted the fuck out of me. My father (rest in peace) was an atheist who never went to church. People who have never done anything for me or my two children, but lie about what they do for me when I’m in a crisis also gross me out. I didn’t get a call from them, an invite, a text, a letter, a donation, commissary, a Christmas present, a loan, a Birthday present or anything from them ever in life but they swear they know me in their own sick minds. They never purchased any candles from me either. Those kind of people are annoying and motherfucking disgusting and need more mental help then I’ll ever need. I’ve met hundreds of Christians during my lifetime who appeared to be very helpful and genuine, but their attempts to win me over to Jesus repeatedly failed. I do thank my Creator (perhaps God) and La Santisima Muerte, however, for the warning signs of present danger and danger to come. About a month ago, I contacted The 700 Club for an interview, but they did not respond.