My book “I’m still abstinent” was removed by the press & the media

On January 4th, 2022, I published an e-book with Lulu Press. It was immediately approved for global distribution. The book is expressing opinions toward the gay community, how I don’t respect them and why, and how to prevent HIV and AIDS. I sent them an inquiry on January 6th, asking them if I could revise and add more content before ordering a print book. They then said that the material was too explicit and didn’t agree with their terms of service. On July 7th, 2022, Lulu Press removed my book off the market. I don’t believe it was Lulu Press that didn’t like the content (because the content had a censor on it), It was the numerous media outlets, such as Amazon books, and Barnes and Noble that rejected it. The book will be revised and published and available for purchase within the upcoming weeks. I’m still abstinent and I will speak out against my attackers weather they like me, support me, or hate me. According to Lulu Press’s reviews, they are stealing all these authors money anyway. The book was free, and I wasn’t charging any square, greedy, fags to read it. Lulu Press is now added to my list of sites not to use. They are tasteless and have no class.