Avoiding hidden Cameras : Extreme Sadists,Voyeurs, Evil peeping toms, rental locations, hotels, spies, crooked cops, police busts, and stalkers 

Since people are being extremely gay, close, and violating towards me all across America, and insist on sexually or physically assaulting me and then making me feel left out, I decided to take more safety precaution. Something was just off about the people I’ve been trusting. I started feeling like I was being spied on in 2015 when I had a public housing apartment somewhere in the Tidewater area of Virginia. At the time, I was being forced into HUMAN TRAFFICKING, so I traveled alot. After coming back from NYC, there was an intruder on my couch. That is when the surveillance and stalking started. I ended up trying to illegally purchase a gun, immediately after being hospitalized because the stalkers and spies started driving me to insanity. It was the wrong move. The whole area was absolutely disgusting. There was prostitutes, dope fiends, and dirty, nasty, nosey, and ignorant people everywhere. I eventually lost my apartment after only a few months, moved out and relocated with my mother. I have been getting stalked every since. Blocked calls, threatening emails, rapists and clients popping up my mothers door, etc. It has been nothing but a living sickening nightmare that I can’t wake up from because the sickos keep coming back for me. I will never move to the projects, public housing, or apply for section 8 ever again. 

Six years later, after the stalking started, Around September 2021, I started studying surveillance. I purchased a anti-Spy Cam device after watching an old episode of Inside Edition on hidden cameras inside of hotels. One of the hotels busted for spy cameras was the Knights Inn, located in Virginia Beach on the Ocean front. My heart sank. I never stayed in that particular hotel, but after watching a few more hidden camera episodes, I knew I was being watched a few of the times I was being trafficked in the hotels, as well as in house brothels. The episodes also uncovered the uncleanliness of the hotels and how an unclean environment can make a person sick. After watching, I vomited for a few days but I eventually called a private investigator after the spy device went off all over my mothers house, including the bedroom and bathroom, but not in the garage. I did the sweep over 8 times on several different days and got the same results. I didn’t bother to call the police because they are BRUTAL, SICK, and NASTY to me. They treat my life like its trash just because a few unsupportive dirty, ugly-faced rapist men, and faggot women hate me. Their funky, faggot, lesbian-pussy asses are very hurtful and faggot. Anyways, the P.I. charged me $400 to search the house, but I was unable to get them over there because my mother is the type who wouldn’t let them in. It is illegal to spy in the bathroom, shower, and bedroom. It is legal to plant cameras in common areas such as outside the property, in the living room or kitchen. The cameras must be disclosed. Sometimes the creeps and peeping toms that spy use the content from the Spy cams to post on adult sites, or to stream online or to sell or show off to the world. Technology has drastically improved over the years so a hidden camera could be as small as a dot. They can be planted in pens, eyeglasses, watches, clocks, teddy bears, key fobs, TV’s, electrical outlets- just about anything. They aren’t very expensive either. Some of the high tech cameras will fall asleep when there is no motion. The battery and footage can last for years. Always be careful when traveling, selling yourself or being romantic, renting a new property or staying in a motel or hotel.

I used the anti-spy device at the OYO Hotel while I was on a recent road trip (alone), and it didn’t go off. I felt safe, but I new it was only for a short time. I stayed for four days before departing. Of course, I felt like I was going to vomit because of the mistreatment and abuse I was headed back to. On December 13, 2021, I used the device at Motel 6 in Washington D.C. and it went off after doing the sweep 2-3 times. I kept my clothes on the whole time I was in the room and showered in the dark. I will never stay there again and to this day I’m still inside my mothers house waking up every morning feeling disgusted and sick to my stomach because I know that the narcissistic, predatory, envious, stalking, psychopaths are still watching me and they might eventually feed into their sick, twisted, desires and come back to hurt me once again. When they do no one will care.