The struggles of being a self published Author: reaching success through minor downfalls

Since I’ve started writing e-books, I’ve had my share of mishaps. The first horrible mishap was My book I’m still abstinent (an explicit book about how the gay community hates on my heterosexuality) was removed from distribution after it was approved. I ditched that press company and published the book on I wrote another book directly after, called Ain’t no love in the A (a non fiction biography about being black and poor in Atlanta) , which was published on Barnes and Noble with much success.

Shortly after writing the two short story E-books, I wanted to promote them. I joined, a forum about books. I posted Aint no love in the A first. I immediately began writing another E-book called Folk Nation (a book about the history of gangs and organized crime mobs). This time, my editing improved drastically for the sake of impressing publishers and readers. I was very confident. I published the book on Barnes and Noble. I couldn’t locate the book for almost a week, so I re-published it a second time and then I finally located the url. I contacted a website I ran across while I was watching Youtube called “” around November of last year to do an interview about gangs before I wrote Folk Nation but they did not respond.

I uploaded Folk Nation on’s marketplace. It is on sale for $5.99. Since I’ve posted the book, I’ve been having extreme issues with the cover not showing. It is an eyesore. I spoke with someone from the company and she informed me that she would forward the cover to publishing and that I should give it a few days. It’s still not showing. I’m also having the same issue on, which I ended up deleting entirely. The site was kind of skank.

I wrote a press release about the books and it was rejected by They sent multiple emails asking me to add links that support my article and then re-submit the PR. I did. The same thing happened after I added the links. I spoke with someone from Issuewire about the problem and they responded by saying someone will take a look at it. The PR is currently in review. I tried to delete it, but it said it cannot be deleted. I guess i’ll just have to wait. It isn’t the first time my PR wasn’t accepted. 24-7 rejected my very first PR about S.M.H. (SantaMuerteHollywood) back in October of 2021. The press release distribution costed me a total of $50, which they refunded within 48 hours.

I got back on to write a post about I’m still abstinent. I put a warning on the post, as I did the previous one. I logged off. Today, I logged on to write a post about Folk Nation and a post popped on the screen that looked something like this:

I don’t know what the reason is nor am I going to contact Administration for more information. Ill just assume they’re content sensitive punks. It wasn’t the forum for me. Through all my ups and downs as a writer, I still maintain a positive outlook even in the mist of backlash and pathetic, disgusting, rejection. Life goes on. More books will be released in the near future. It isn’t about the sales or the royalties, it’s about the exposure of non-stop pain and torture.