Bullies exposed: The threats from unknown trolls, stalkers, gays, and child molesters just keep coming

I’ve been getting harassed , bullied, stalked, and beaten by a bunch of homosexual men, women, and couples, big headed know-it alls, junkies, racist people, obese people, uncle toms, hillbillies, ghetto thugs, and random trolls for the past decade. They never congratulate my success. They are very mentally ill, stuck, phoney, and abusive. It sucks that there are people that are too sick and ill to ever wish the best for me. Most of them are already dying out there. 

There are a lot of nosey, mentally retarded, hateful groupies making my life a living , breathing nightmare, but I still manage to push through by myself. I still remain STD/AIDS/HIV free and drug free. I am also still abstinent from sex. 

I am not a punching bag, a piece of trash, a throw away, a slut, or a bum, and I don’t have time for abusive, childish, nasty, conniving slops. I don’t hang around sloppy people, criminals, or racist squares. Beware of people pretending to know me. I do not know anyone. Do not listen to them.

The same sickos have been stalking me, bullying me, and harassing me year after year and no one will make them stop no matter how hard I try. It seems to me like they’re all the jealous racist ones. The nightmare wont go away. The bullies have ran me off of twitter, only fans, Instagram, facebook and snapchat, now they are stalking me on my own website. They have stalked me in person, followed me in public, and popped up to my doorstep. I have ran away over a 100 times, but I just end up running in a circle. These people are flat out SICKENING. The world is a nasty place. I stay to myself and they still harass, bully, and stalk me. Im sick of retarded people doing whatever they want to me, and people taking their side just because they’re slow. I have received an estimated 40 or more threats by email, phone, social media, or in person this past year. The annoying sickos have made a concious desision not to leave me alone, not to stay away from me and not to stop harassing me and they REFUSE to respect me. They have no regard for my life and they will not go away. It is disturbing and humiliating.

Bully # 5

Today is May 12, 2022. I woke up to several nasty, gross, threatening text messages at 9:45 from another unknown stalker in the gay community and I don’t know who it is. The sadistic creep sent the text from different numbers. I tried contacting the sickening pedophile and stalker, but they did not respond. These messages and threats continue to come, no matter how many times I change my phone number, and regardless how how many sick people I distance myself from. It is absolutely insane, sickening, gross, nasty, and disgusting. I wanted to vomit. I didn’t trace the number, because this person keeps threatening me from different fake text app numbers. It is very, very, sickening.

The stalker(s) get my personal number everytime I change it. I never give my number out. The racist homosexuals and child molesters are always watching me. I always feel scared, and threatened and alone. I even feel like they are hacking me through the phone. The threats usually start coming first thing in the morning, the day after I meet someone new, when I move to a new location, when I stay to myself for a long period (years) of time, or on the day of an important meeting or appointment. It is very disgusting and scary. I can not handle that many racists, nasty, threats. The people are extremely GROSS. Following the episode of harassment, I fall into a state of hopelessness, loneness, and depression and they make me release a lot of vomit non stop. It feels very sickening being treated that way for so many years.

Another threat I received from an unknown troll

The threats from the gay man/woman just keep coming back to back from different numbers I decided that I would have to change my number, for the umpteenth time.
The unknown gay man/woman capping my song “Blue Sky”. I’m not the one smelling like fish. The women the gay man/woman is with are the ones smelling that way!

Cyber bully #4 : Another retarded, homosexual, racist troll

I’ve been getting harrassed by random trolls online all this brand new year of 2022. Most of them I’ve been ignoring for mental healths sake. This morning, I woke up to another sociopathic sicko. I immediately felt disgusted and violated. These sickening, hillbilly, jealous, ghetto, inbreeding trolls out here are really out here trying to KILL ME!!!! This troll sent me this gross email this morning.

Beware of intimidators pretending to be me. If the emails don’t come from theaarnold@santamuertehollywood.com, theamarnold88@gmail.com, or press@santamuertehollywood.com it is NOT ME!!!!

another threat from a jealous stalker 2022.
Another threat from an obsessed sick f%*!. I don’t even understand any of what they are saying smh 2022.

Cyber Bully #1 : Milani Miles, Hampton, Virginia

The First threat I recieved on August 15,2021 at 6:57pm from email ”youtriedithoe@gmail.com” and an IP address that traces back to a 22-24 year old named Milani Miles living in Hampton, Virginia.

I don’t know who this person is, but theyre not the only people with kids to feed. I also find it disgusting that they want to meet me just to “beat my ass”. What kinda weirdo and ghetto superstar is this person? Im not dumb enough to want to fight a complete stranger. If I agreed to, I’m pretty sure she (or he) would be snitching to the police and no where near mature enough to let anything go or let me win the fight in peace. Just another weak rat like the rest of the bullies. I dont waste my time with gross snitches and tattle tells.

The second threat I recieved from the same email and Ip address on the same day at 7:03pm.

Another threat from the same bully in Hampton, Virginia. The unknown stalker knows me by the alias ”Candie” that the bully mispelled. The unknown creep doesn’t acutally believe I was trafficked. They actually believe I’m that much of a hoe. Maybe because im not tied down to some loser or some nasty, downlow, cheating dog of a man. Either way Its none of the creeps business if they believe me or not. As you can see the bully and stalker mentioned me being a stripper. I was a dancer a long time ago and I wasnt a nasty one, I had class. What kind of creep and sicko would keep bringing that up if Im not doing that anymore and Ive beem screaming and begging to get out of that life because its degrading ? I dont want to meet anymore sex traffickers, sickos, perverts, pedophiles, homos or stalkers and i definately dont want to show people that gross my body. I regret ever doing it and this creep and stalker wont stop mentioning it.

The third threat I recieved from the email RyanCross79@gmail.com and the same IP address on August 15th, 2021 at 7:48pm. The bully booked an appointment via the contact form using the phone number 757-302-8640.

The fourth threat I recieved on August 23rd 2021 at 5:33 pm from theastopit@gmail.com and a different IP address in Hartford, Connecticut with the same landline phone 757-302-8640 number in Virginia. Either the bully in hampton went to Connecticut , or they spoke to someone in Connecticut to make the threat for them.

I dont know who this person is

The fifth threat that I received from itfhtf@yahoo.com and the same ip address was on September 1st , 2021 at 9:21pm.

I recieved a total of 5 threats coming from a Milani Miles in Hampton Virginia. Either it was her, someone was using her computer/phone, or both. Either way, she’s a stalker and a sicko.

Cyber Bully #2 (Unknown) Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Either Milani Miles traveled to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, had someone in Pittsburg make the threat, or this is a completely different person. The threat came from lyingthea@gmail.com another troll, and traced back to An unknown user in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania on August 25th, 2021 at 3:07 pm.

A threat from a miserable stalker

Cyberbully #3 Portsmouth, Virginia

I recieved a threat from an email suckerfree@gmail.com that traces back to a Tonya Davidson in Detroit, MI but the Ip address traces back to an unknown user in Portsmouth, Virginia. They used the name James Patterson. I dont know if they are in cahoots with Tonya Davidson in Detroit, but the user claims to know “O” the brutal racist rapist and pedophile that impregnated me and left me for dead in 2008.

This current line graph shows the number of threats I have recieved from August 2021 until today with the most threats and abuse coming from Hampton, Virginia

The area in Virginia with the most bullies has been dirty and disgusting for as long as I can remember

There are cyber bullies and stalkers all across America. I don’t know whats wrong with Hampton, Virginia but alot of the bullying seems to come from there even before this chart was made. Numerous people from that city have been stalking and harassing me for several years in a row. They seem to be stone cold sociopaths, sick jealous disrespectful homosexuals and horny petty fiends who enjoy dragging random people down, and disgusting pedophiles who never let go and are very petty and envious and can’t control their temper or their feelings and emotions. I never go to that city at all because the people are sickening over there. I don’t know any of them. People are very, very dirty, and cruel and most of them are murderers, sex offenders, pedophiles, rapists, and whoremongers in sheeps clothing pretending to be sane or raise a family.

I want those nosey, sadistic, bold, nasty, retarded people to stay away from me forever. I don’t care how much money they have or don’t have. I do not want them anywhere near me and I have been stressing this for over 4 years in a row and everyone seems to be a sick nasty pedophile that doesn’t care. I do not like people that are that disgusting, nosey, nasty, goofy, sloppy, and hateful. I am not a hoe and I don’t hang around them (male or female). I’m not a filthy person and Im tired of their ghetto superstar drama and racism. I wont let them clone me. The type of sexual abuse, racism, stalking, threats, aggravated harassment, and hatred I’ve suffered at the hands of those nasty bogus people would make a decent person with a normal appetite, throw up everything they eat for the next 25 years. do