My hatred for nail polish: my thoughts as a female ex gang member   

Nail polish is so godd#%# ugly to me. Since I was a little girl, I never liked to wear it. I didn’t wear it. All the girls at my school that wore it looked way too grown to me. They looked like they were gay. I saw a picture of my mom in college and she wore ugly burgundy polish. As I got older I started hanging around a lot of tricks and prostitutes. They sold their bodies and shook what their momma gave them like it was going out of style. I started getting influenced by their horrible leadership and started going to the nail salon. I stuck to colors like french, white, and nude. I have never worn black, red, purple, brown, burgundy, or similar colors ever in my entire life. No one ever invited me to the nail shop. I never had a mani pedi with another woman ever in my entire life. I went on my own. I went to a salon in Virginia on a regular basis and I’ve always hated women who wear ugly ass nail polish. My stylist, of course, was a young asian lady by the name of Christy.

I hated growing up in the system. I used to go to church and saw women who wear ugly nail polish. I went to school and saw women who wear ugly nail polish. I went on vacations and saw women wearing ugly nail polish. I stayed in homeless shelters and saw women wearing gross looking nail polish. On my birthday, while I was living in a felon friendly homeless shelter, somewhere between 2015-2018, I was given a cake and a huge bag of nail polish from the staff and other residents. I immediately got rid of it. I hated that gift. It was the cheapest gift I have ever received.  What I hated even more was the quality. Cheap nail polish is even grosser than the kind that isn’t. When I was incarcerated I saw some women who had been sitting in there for so long that their polish was chipped. First they wear ugly colors. Then they don’t take care of them and let them chip. Their nails start looking pretty gross.

While I was in a drug rehab program for a DUI in 2018, a bunch women were painting their nails in the room. It was skank. They had so much ugly nail polish that I was annoyed. At the time, I was doing graffiti and was uninterested in being in there. Sitting around a bunch of skank women painting their nails all day and chit chatting about why they on drugs just ain’t my forte. I got the fuck out of there. I decided that I would never try to get my nails done ever again in life. Seeing all those women wearing ugly colors and chipped polish put a permanent bad taste in my mouth. It looked so tasteless. I haven’t been to a nail salon ever again. The older I got the more my hatred for women wearing nail polish grew. By 2020, women who wore fake nails, and nail polish became marks to me. I completely marked them out. I don’t see them because they just look that gross to me. I don’t like your nails. Gay men and straight men love getting their nails done like their women too. They wear nail polish colors from clear, to black, to red. After those men and women get their nails did, they immediately go put a d**k inside their mouth. No thanks guys, I don’t wanna be that fabulous for you. I don’t need you taking off your nails before you try to be a gangster in front of me.

A photo of a man with his nails done

Most females that wear false nails and nail polish are ratchet. Point blank period. They be all in the salon with men and their friends and family gossiping and chilling which also puts a bad taste in my mouth. It’s just skank. The smell of the polish and the thought of it chipping also makes my stomach turn. 

Aside from not wanting to ever wear false nails or nail polish, I don’t go to hair salons either. Not because I can’t afford any of that stuff, but because it just isn’t my style. I relax and perm my own hair, and I don’t let women touch my head.