HIV & STD risk: When prostitutes, sex workers, and escorts slip up  

Sometimes women who are at risk for HIV and STDS engage in prostitution which is not only female dominated, but homosexual males engage in prostitution too, so it’s always good to be extra careful. A lot of times, sex buyers visit the female workers and male workers at the same time. There are women who engage in sexual acts because their client, or their “trick” does not bring a condom or the sex worker runs out of them. The client will come into the room and say “go ahead just suck it, or lay back and let me just put the tip in, I promise you won’t catch anything.” They will swear up and down they don’t have a disease and that you should just go ahead and do it. Then the prostitute will go ahead and do the act, after the John pulls the money out. 

There is no excuse why the John can’t go to the store or bring his own condom. It only takes a second to run to the store. If the prostitute is in a highly isolated area, then she she has four options. To not be a prostitute, stock up on condoms, do not see clients who don’t bring protection, or go to a different area. I would suggest not being a prostitute at all, but a lot of women wouldn’t take that advice. I still keep a safe distance.

A lot of times, prostitutes will neglect their health to obtain the quick cash that the sex buyer places in front of them. Women in short, and long term relationships also make that mistake, when they fall in love. They can be dating an undercover homosexual for several years and suddenly, out of no where, they just catch a disease. The statistics are very sad. Not only do they hurt themselves, but they also hurt the people around them when they do things like that. I tried to contact Mark Laita, creator of the Youtube docu-series, Soft White Underbelly (a series that brings in millions of views) for an interview concerning this matter, but I did not get a response

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