How to be a useful felon in modern society: Give back to your community

When you’re a felon, the first thing square society does is judge you. They will judge you for your past criminal record and hold it over your head for the rest of your life. Even volunteer positions require a background check these days. They won’t let violent felons, and drug distributers volunteer. 

I’ve held only one volunteer position before my violent felony.  I worked at a public library as a librarian assistant, as a youth.  After I became much older, I started seeking volunteer positions everywhere, including the Salvation Army and the Habitat House organization in Virginia. I never got an interview, or heard back from any of them. The closest I ever got to being a volunteer was in Miami, Florida. It was for the Mission shelter.  They called me to go to a meeting in downtown Miami. I drove to the meeting and it was extremely packed. The line was very long. Hundreds of potential volunteers were at the huge event. A few speakers gave a lecture and some of them told their story. 

Donate food to hungry people, Concept of poverty and hunger

The story that stuck out the most was a middle aged hispanic woman. She had came from extreme poverty. That’s all I remember. I remember being sentimental and touched by what I was hearing. I really wanted to help those people. The entire event lasted about an hour. After the event I became extremely busy. Meetings, gigs, appointments, etcetera. A few days later, I received another call for the volunteer position. They accepted my application. I was asked to come in to fill out more paperwork and receive my volunteer badge. I was ecstatic. I was finally able to give back. Unfortunately, I fled the entire area a few days after accepting the position due to extreme unforeseen circumstances. I was homeless myself. 

After arriving back in Virginia, I wasted so much time and energy trying to reach out for volunteer opportunities. None of them wanted to hire me. Like I’m a sex offender or something. It was sickening. I couldn’t find a job or volunteer position in sight. I started leaving Virginia more often, and maneuvering a skank society that doesn’t want me and doesn’t find me useful, has become a lot easier. I traveled so much, that I started my own company. I realized it was the only way I could give back. I called the company The Hoodoo Lady. It started as a company that sells voodoo products. It was later renamed, Witchy Intentions, then Never Laccin, and after visiting Hollywood Los Angeles in California,the name became Botanica Santa Muerte and Santa Muerte Hollywood and has been that every since. The name was registered with the commonwealth of Virginia in 2021. I started the company during the Pandemic in LA. I am the only employee. 

If you are a felon, never let anyone make you feel like you are useless. You are valuable and you have a purpose. People will try to throw you away left and right but don’t give up. I haven’t been making any botanica sales, or doing any psychic readings. A lot of people don’t even know about the company. Last year, the website only averaged 8,000 views from different places across the country. Botanica Santa Muerte averages more views than SMH. More like 2,000 per month. I’ve only had a total of 2 complete sales and over 20 inquiries. I had over 30 products for 8 months straight, but now I only manage 5. Im not a drop-shipper and I don’t use a third party company. All the products are in my possession. BSM ( and SMH have only been open for about 15 months. I know the world doesn’t want my business to thrive. I decided to spend more time writing and making music instead, doing what I love. I don’t want to waste money. 

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SMH ( is also a tattoo company offering Santa Muerte tattoos. In Los Angeles, I was given a tattoo kit from Balaam tattoo studio, which I still have in my possession now. I got my first Santa Muerte tatt there in LA. I don’t showcase my work anymore, but I do have a portfolio full of practice work.

Besides, being a single mom and taking care of my teenage son, I started making myself even more useful, even when a bunch of sickening fags don’t find me useful. I stopped giving money to human traffickers and pimps, and I started by giving small amounts of money to charity. I’ve donated to MADD (mothers against drunk driving), and other organizations that focus on violence against women. I don’t go to church, so that is my way of giving back. I started giving more used clothes to Goodwill and the donation containers that are located everywhere. I started birdwatching, feeding wild birds, reading more, and learning how to survive more. I also started giving a dollar to every panhandler. I started stocking up on emergency food and supplies for people in crisis. I started giving them food and supplies on my own. Without an organization. Because I’m a person. Not just a felon. I ignore squares, people that make me throw up, and I just do my own thing.