Tips for Preparing for a visit to a Santa Muerte shrine in Tepito Mexico  

Before visiting a shrine in Tepito Mexico, you will want to be familiar with Santa Muerte. If you are not, you will want to read as many books as you can or visit a botanica and ask questions. You may want to speak to a psychic that is familiar with her. Watch all the La Santa Muerte documentaries on YouTube, listen to all the La Santa Muerte (and her many other names) music you can find, and rent and watch all the La Santa Muerte movies on the market. You may want to buy and light a Santa Muerte candle so you can feel her precense in the room. 

Once you do this, practice daily rituals with La Santisima Muerte. Pray the prayers. Especially the Santa Muerte Rosary. Say it 20 times a day if you have to, until your faith is strengthened. Wear the rosary or pendant on you. Purchase a statue or have another devotee or a priest present you one. Then, make sure you have all of your documents to cross into Mexico. Know all of their rules before crossing over. Mexico is very dangerous. Especially Tepito. You might want to look into that also. You will want to keep your money close, and your accommodations and reservations a secret. The Cartel is very real and present. Do not take taxis and make sure the child locks are off in an Uber before getting in. Do not get kidnapped. If you are kidnapped, make sure you don’t have to strip down naked to expose your weapons. It will get very dangerous. Do not film the shrine or the area in public unless you are around a group of safe citizens. Recoding in public is very risky. Video tape at your own discretion. What you are about to witness is real terror.

Mexico is vice: Getting kidnapped 

You might as well go ahead and join the cartel. To prevent getting kidnapped. Cover your entire body including your face. Wear knee pads, body armor, and protective gear incase you have to jump out of the back of a moving vehicle. Make sure the car stays on the right side of the road near the street. Never in the middle. If you have to jump out, another car won’t hit you. Make sure you are never drunk when leaving the house so you will pay attention and be alert incase the driver takes a detour. Get a rental car and drive yourself around if possible. Stay in one place so you don’t engage in crime. You might end up at the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s a real vice like environment.