The SNAP restaurant program still isn’t in effect 

Virginia-The SNAP program has been around for decades. It is a program for needy families that allows them to purchase food with a card that works like a debit card. Each month, the card is loaded with an amount that is adjusted based on information that is given to a social worker. 

The card allows customers to purchase all kinds of cold food and groceries for their families. The card known as “EBT”, works at almost all grocery stores across the United States. Some states, such as California, allows card holders to purchase hot food from a large selection of restaurants. Virginia is among one of the states that has approved of the program. The Social Services began sending letters to participants who have been approved of the SNAP RESTAURANT program earlier this year. Approved participants fall under the category of those who are disabled or seniors. Restaurants haven’t started accepting the card yet, and a lot of them are unaware of the program altogether. The program is said to take effect sometime this year.