They have been banned from my presence: No more unnatural people 

I don’t want any more nosey, skank, dumb, basic, homosexual men telling me I’ll never be anything. I’m tired of them calling me out of my name. I get tired of their putdowns. Tired of their narcissism. Tired of them using gross lesbians and strippers to bully me. Tired of their gross, nasty, feminine attitudes. Tired of gay men giving each other oral right in front of me while they run a train on me. Sick of them curving me for fat people. Sick of their incest and retardation. Sick of their bullying. Sick of their gayness. Tired of their close bonds and their friendships. Sick of all the homosexual men in the U.S. denying me of the life I wanted. 

I don’t do any of this stuff in the pictures below. Everyone please Keep your distance from me. STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME. I NEVER LIKED YOU PEOPLE. Do not try to harm me, I am already sickened by you people enough. Forcing me into submission will not work. DO NOT FORCE YOURSELVES ON ME. I WILL TAZE YOU. I don’t wanna look at you and I don’t want you looking at me. I don’t want to produce any more vomit behind you. Keep your opinion of me to yourself and stay out of my life since I can’t have the normal life I always wanted.

No close knit homos