Dirty, unsanitary, and undercover gay clubs in Virginia : Trying to hire a DJ in a nightclub to release my music was a gross idea

I tried to throw a listening party/pre-album release party at a lounge/bar. I went to the Corner Bar and lounge in Portsmouth, Virginia on February 10, 2022 after speaking to one of the DJ’s there the previous Sunday. I began to get excited about the thought of releasing my music to the public. I drove to the lounge and the DJ that I spoke to the previous Sunday (DJ Showtime), wasn’t in there. It was someone else. I asked him if he could do it and he said he and all of the other DJs charge a fee. I said no problem. He asked me to send the music to his email and I proceeded to send him three songs. After waiting about 30 minutes, he never played the music. He told me that I should wait until the next DJ gets there, because the crowd will grow larger and more people will hear it. I tipped him $5 and said okay. I left the venue and came back nearly two hours later. The next DJ (DJ Showtime) the one that I had spoken to the previous Sunday, had come in. I asked him if he could play the music and he agreed. He said it would be $50 for him to play one personal song, I said okay and gave him the $50. Then I asked if he could play more than one. He immediately looked at me sideways and said that he has to hear what the first one sounds like first. I said okay. After sitting in the lounge/bar for over two hours, shortly before closing, he gave me my cash back and said that he can’t play my music because he hasn’t heard it and doesn’t know what to mix it in with. He asked me what type of song it is and the type of mood of the song. He asked if it was fit for the club, and I said yes. I told him he could play it after Nipsey Hussle or Meek Mill, but he never did. He kept explaining to me that he couldn’t mix it in correctly. He continued to play mostly twerk music. It was basically a ratchet and gay twerk fest, not a classy venue for a rapper like myself. I saw unnatural things that I didn’t go in there to witness. They were sickening, gay, ghetto, and had no class.

There were skank lesbos everywhere and the DJ shouted them out and asked these exact words- ‘where are all the girls that like girls in the house tonight!!!??’ over the mic. They all cheered. It was disgusting. I strongly dislike gay people. By that point, I realized it was a gay bar. The homosexual DJ (Showtime), wanted to see a bunch of dykes twerking and dancing together. I was literally grossed out and wanted to vomit. Luckily, I drank two bottles of Ensure and didn’t eat anything all day. It was so gay in there, I tried to hold my vomit. DJ Showtime sucked. His DJ-ing skills are awful.

I ordered a glass of water and looked to my left from where I was sitting and I saw two ugly women dancing and grinding on each other for hours. One was light-skin, one was dark skin. I started to record them and put them on the front page to describe the god forsaken environment better, but I decided it would look even grosser and the gay embarrassing women, would come back for me to attack me, because they don’t want to be exposed. The gay DJ never played my music. They were unnatural as hell in there. Those half naked waitresses looked like scandalous, skank, fishy, prostitutes. I’ll never return. The DJ said that he will be having a local artist event on the 24th of February, but he will probably let me down again to pay attention to more fags. After that, I left the venue. I’ll just pass on hiring a DJ to release my album. More than likely they will be too homosexual to find any interest in my music content.

I won’t try to promote my music in night clubs or music venues because of the gays and unsanitary infestations of bullies and diseases

I contacted a company called TouchTunes about submitting my music to jukeboxes, which will eliminate me having to hire a DJ completely. I have yet to get in touch with someone from their New York City office, which handles all of the music. If my music is distributed to a jukebox, I can make sure its heard across the world as much as I desire.

Just a few days ago, I heard a commercial on Iheart radio telling local artist to drop off their music so it can be played on the radio (103 Jamz to be exact), he said all you have to do is go to the station and submit it. It sounded like a good idea at first, but after thinking it over, It won’t be safe. Most DJ’s and rappers are nasty as fuck. They are all dirty, ugly, bisexual, fake, racist, down-low, and homosexual. In my opinion, it’s gross. My music might not be played at all. It will probably never be heard. Norfolk, Virginia is a very disgusting city. According to a documentary I saw on Youtube, It ranked high as one of the most homosexual cities in America. It’s a lot of trannies and some with diseases out there, and they always pick on me and say and do a lot of evil, wicked, things to me every-time they see me in public somewhere. They’re always pointing out how alone I am and how I always will be. The nosey incest-people and the lesbian snitches out there are always looking down me after my father passed away. There is a lot of undercover shit going on and the police look as crooked, brutal, and murderous as it gets. It’s never safe. I can barely go anywhere or afford 24/7 bodyguard service. It’s damn near impossible. I just have to accept the fact that it’s a disgusting area. I caught my first felony in Norfolk in 2015 for a gun. I wanted to kill all those nasty ass people. The felony is still on my record to this day. A lot of the tranny women, swingers, and lesbians (tranny men) tease me for having a disability. They do that to me in Suffolk, Virginia too.

About a month ago, I was able to get in touch with 757 radio, a recording studio, in Norfolk. I hired a bodyguard to take me. I went back to their website to study them more. After seeing their photos and some of the rappers that record in their studio, I felt like I’d be wasting my time and money. Judging from the photos, It looks like nothing but a whore house in there. The rappers looked trashy and funny hell. I’m not a fan of any of them and I’m too gangster for the fag shit. I never went. I figured they wouldn’t like me because I’m not a whore, and bully me even with a bodyguard. They look that way. Instead, I went to Richmond, Virginia, and even that went wrong. After I recorded at the studio, I went to a hotel and got bullied by a bunch of trick hoes with chipped nail polish and ratchet hair. One of them was a big block (fat) and looked very intimidating. They worked there, and they tried to take too much money off of my card, and gave me a nasty attitude about it. It was NASTY. Something similar happened to me in DC. That doesn’t have anything to do with my session at the studio, but it was still a gross experience being in that nasty hotel.

Overall, I am a real rapper. I don’t have to be signed to a label to rap. I am an indie artist! What a real rapper does is rap regardless of weather the fans like it or not. Fuck all those stinky, smelly, gay people!