Women who let men in drag penetrate them with the drag make up on (while they are being drag)  

Believe it or not some women (who were born women) sleep with men who wear drag make up. They literally lay there and allow them to penetrate them with the wigs and drag makeup on. I don’t know why they are attracted to homosexual men, but that is their preference. Some of them knowingly go to drag shows to pick up trannys, buy them online like a piece of meat, or drive the streets to pick them up. It’s pretty gross. Some of them even take them in. I often ask myself, “What type of woman would allow this?” I assume them to be lesbians attracted to women and don’t care if they have a dick down there or not. I really want to investigate their identity crisis because their sexual orientation is rarely identified appropriately. There are transgender women who identify as heterosexual, lesbian, bisexual, and homosexual. They don’t all say that they’re homosexual. Most drag queens these days are dressed fully in drag almost every day, and still in love with women. I find them to be quite entertaining, yet very dangerous, risky, and dark. Black men wont stop acting like Diego Garijo ( a boxer and drag star married to a woman).

A lot of transgender women have children. It’s very shocking. Some gay men allow their girlfriends or wives to penetrate them with a strap on. Their sex life is pretty yucky. Some of the women (couples) are stone cold pedophiles and they do the same thing to young boys. They like to make kids think it’s okay to get anal at a young age. They rarely get caught. Some of the creeps are good at framing convicted felons for their nasty behavior.

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Just recently, I wanted to go to a drag show in NYC for the first time, and investigate the type of customers and drag queens that go in there, but I’m afraid my curiosity will damage my image, and I won’t be taken seriously as a journalist. I don’t work for a media outlet. Judging by some of the galleries on most of the queer clubs websites, there are A LOT of normal looking people in the audience. I wanted to go undercover, so I could see if some of the male sex workers that are in drag are bisexual, and are sleeping with women. I desperately wanted to interview them, but I declined. 

Transgender women are very good at befriending prostitutes, the destitute, and homeless people. Some of them are lured just through modeling gigs and curiosity. Once the needy fall for them, they allow certain things to take place. Some vulnerable women or women affected with diseases, allow multiple drag queens to penetrate them all at once. Not all trans women perform or identify as drag queens. But it is possible that they can identify as both. 

In about 37 states in the United States, HIV positive people must disclose their status to sex partners and needle sharing partners. A person can receive up to a life sentence for knowingly spreading the virus to another person. HIV turns into full blown AIDS in about 8-10 years. 

Assuming that prostitution, escorting, stripping, and the sex industry is a female only profession, is a extremely naive way of thinking. There are way too many trannys taking over the profession. While I was being forced into human trafficking off and on from 2011-2020, I saw a lot of drags and transsexuals posting sex ads online. They post as women on the escort sites instead of using the transsexual section. It’s really frightening. Some of them are obvious transsexuals and others look just like real women in the pictures. The obvious transgender women were the ones that had the facial features of men that were born men and the title “Transsexual or TS” in front of their stage name. All transsexuals do not take hormones. They are extremely obvious. 

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The rest were using fake pics or looked exactly like a woman but was born a man. Most of the escorts posting as women, are transsexuals. Transsexual women (born male) really believe they are a female, so they don’t post under the men or transsexual section. It was one of the immediate red flags I should have payed attention to. I scrolled past hundreds of them and still kept posting. I’ve never been beat or robbed by a client (“trick”) ever in my life. The traffickers themselves were the only ones beating me, robbing me, and trying to murder me. A lot of them buy transsexuals. Women (born women) prostitutes and transsexual prostitutes often share the same clients. I can’t stress it enough. A lot of women (born women) are tricked into thinking they are exclusive to the opposite sex. They are not. Protection is extremely necessary. 

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