The Reason Lil Nas X, Kodak Black, Nicki Minaj, Cassie, Nipsey Hussle,Young M.A., and a list of other famous rappers are banned from my playlist and ears 

I used to listen to lil Nas X. The very first song I heard was “Old Town Road”. It was everywhere. All on the radio, TV, and internet. It was a very popular song and had millions and millions of views. I even heard it being played at a couple of kids graduations parties that I was invited to. I heard it playing in the stores, and at the department of motor vehicles. Every time I hear gay music, or see gay people in public, I start feeling extremely uncomfortable. A lot of times I can’t even wear a scarf or ski mask because I keep getting asked to remove it. I used to think gay rappers were cool to listen to. As time grew on, rapper lil Nas X kept getting gay. He started coming out all over the media. I saw his videos and they were full of nothing but half naked men. He wore false hair, drag makeup, and fake fingernails. I was in awe. I was like “hey, maybe it’s a faze, he’s not that gay.” A few more videos down the line, he became even gayer. He started kissing niggas in the mouth and I knew right then and there that he was a real gay rapper. It blew my mind. The man is a fag. I even saw an interview of his father supporting his music career. What kind of black man supports a gay son? 

I can’t believe Hollywood and America is full of so much homosexuality. Those gays are literally wiping away the earth. Even parents and grandparents support their kids and grandchildren being gay. It’s very disturbing if you ask me. A lot of young black males listen to Lil Nas X and actually take his advice. What kind of mother allows that? What kind of mothers allow their black boys to act that damn GAY? I’m not one of them and Lil Nas X isn’t allowed when I’m around. Gay boys can contract HIV and spread it without even knowing. 

Young MA was another favorite rapper that I liked. When I was in Brooklyn, (which was twice a month) there was a lot of women bragging about how they liked her music. They had the worst peer pressure I had ever seen. They were even reading books about the LGBTQ community and I assumed they were gay. The very first song I heard was “Oooooo” or whatever you call it. When I went to Miami, they played more of her music. It was everywhere I went. In all the clubs. I started listening to it heavily and I’m not even a blood. I knew almost damn near all of her songs, including the ones about being in Virginia. I also caught a lot of cases listening to the gay rapper. She was a bad influence, and still is. I put to and two together and realized that I can’t listen to her or bump her shit because she is a homosexual. It just won’t work anymore. That many gays being after me is just a living nightmare. I didn’t wanna go to the feds and I didn’t want to in up in prison behind a fake ass rapper that I don’t even know. I stopped blasting her music and banned her from all of my playlist along with Kodak Black, Fivio Foreign, and a list of other gay motherfuckers that admitted to being in the gay community in their lyrics. I also stopped listening to Nipsey Hussle, which was also a favorite, because he admitted to wanting all women to be lesbian (he used that exact word-“lesbian”) in his lyrics. He himself, confessed to not being gay, but wanting your women to be gay puts you in the LGBTQ community. I mentioned Nipsey Hussle in my debut single “Blue Sky”, and now, I am finally letting him rest. I don’t want to keep his spirit alive. He should rest peacefully and undisturbed.

Rapper Nicki Minaj has always been a faggot to me. I never liked her music. Even when I was growing up. She is a bisexual piece of trash from Queens NY. I don’t have to explain. I stopped listening to Cassie after seeing Nicki Minaj feeling her up in a music video. It looked gross as shit. All I saw was two gay men feeling each other up. I did not see two sexy women. Ew. I saw right threw them. Female rappers these days are so fucking nasty, you couldn’t pay me to do a feature with those famous dykes. A lot of thirsty whores these days think being a lesbian or a bisexual person is so pretty and attractive. It’s not pretty. It’s funky and nasty as hell.

Ewww. This was 9 years ago.They are still lesbian women now.

Most of the phoney rappers these days are homo. They talk about girls humping girls (GROSS) and men kissing men (EW). I’m tired of seeing young people turnt out and gay because they won’t stop blasting gay rappers. I’m tired of seeing young people throw away their life to the system because they are so confused and needy. Learn who you are, learn your own identity, and never let peer pressure lure you into a lifetime of homosexuality. It isn’t cool. HIV is real, and you don’t have to catch it to realize it. I don’t like gay people and I don’t care how protected they are.