PAY ATTENTION: People are banned from leading me: The reason I don’t take advice from prostitutes, older women, or anyone else 

I don’t take advice from women because all of them are gay and lesbian. I don’t take advice from older women either, even cougars. Most of them get in their feelings like children when you turn them down. It’s sick. When you are a young woman you have to be careful taking advice from older women. Just because they are older, doesn’t mean they have regard for your life. Most of them just want to see you in jail. A lot of “old heads” hated on me, and their advice only lead me to a path of incarceration, multiple mental hospitalizations, drugs, and prostitution. That is the only advice they can give, even with a doctorates or master’s degree. I’m not the little helpless “tard” (short for retarded- a name the funky lesbians dykes call me) that you can prey on and bully with all of your old college/high school dykes and neighbors. I don’t like any women, and I don’t take advice from people who don’t care, or aren’t human enough to have regard for my life. I don’t want anything from them, nor do I want to compete with the funky dirty women, nor do I want to go back to college so they can come for me. It doesn’t matter that I’m poor or a drop out. I don’t want your body for a place to stay. I’ll die first. Nor do I like or want your gay axx-anal having boyfriends and husbands. No thanks faggxts. You people are for each other, not me. Don’t try to offer any phoney advice. I don’t need you. I don’t want any of those nasty women’s ugly ass man either. I will NOT let you guide me, mentor me, or lead me. Stay y’all funky gay asses away. Bully someone else. I don’t need the funky-fxggots trying to feel sorry for me either. Keep your tears and your fake sympathy. I DON’T WANT YOU PEOPLE AROUND ME. All those groups of dykes do is try to harm me and then gang up on me. Then they snitch on me when I fight back. The funky fxggot-bisexual lesbos can’t even take what they dish. It is disgusting. DO NOT SPEAK. Speak to the fxggot-bxtches that actually know you, because I don’t.