Homosexuals, Human traffickers, and narcissistic Swingers: The real reason I suffer from multiple mental health disorders  

It’s so many funky, sickening, violating, JEALOUS, horny incest having niggas and bitches abusing my mental that I can’t wait until one of them murder me. I’m still being bullied and excluded by people that are extremely SICKENING. My ultimate dream is to live somewhere far away, in the middle of nowhere, secluded from the nasty, fake people that harassed me, tortured me, beat me up, and sold me. I’m tired of their narcissistic abuse. My environment is unfit for a human being (especially one with a mental condition) to be living in. I don’t like being around people that want to harm me 24/7. It feels very, very, VERY unnatural and gross. People treat me like nothing and I feel extremely sickening and disgusted all over. Every single morning . Every single day, I talk to myself. People can actually see and hear me talking to myself. I don’t want anymore homosexual and transgender men or their lesbian hoes calling me names, stalking me, speaking on me, or beating me up. I’m tired of being abused by those dirty, nasty people. Yuck. I’ve been not wanting to wake up in the morning for about 10 years straight. They sicken me and don’t care.

The narcissistic homosexuals just do the opposite of whatever I want. If I want them to stay away. They don’t. If I want them to stop emailing, texting or calling me, they do it even more. If I try to run away from them, they stalk, harass, threaten my life, threaten to molest my two teenage kids, lie, and bully me twice as much. If I want them to stop speaking to me, they speak to me even more. It makes my stomach turn daily. They really enjoy making me feel disgusting and suicidal. Most of the time they’ll even laugh at me right to my face and say “Ween gotta leave her alone”. If I want them to stop calling me names, they call me even more names. Those people are extremely SICK, and they don’t care about worsening my mental disorder.

I started drinking more wine, and taking more medication at the same time, to numb their nasty hate and abuse. It still hurts and I still feel like vomiting every single minute and every single hour. I really want to live alone somewhere, extremely secluded from those atrocious, sadistic, sickening monsters. I don’t want to look at, see, hear, be around, or speak to people that do not believe that I have gone through that stuff. They sicken me twice as much. If I don’t flee to a secure, highly secluded area ALONE, I think its safe to say I will die in this condition in a back alley somewhere with crack, alcohol, pills, and marijuana in my system. I’m going to die coughing up pools of vomit and blood. Those abusive and neglectful, snitches, gay and married, abortion-having, miscarriage-having, bisexual know-it-alls, and pedophile narcissist, rapists, liars, lesbians, former transexuals turned saint, and the people having incest regularly are stone cold and evil. They don’t even want me to have basic needs like food, clothes, water, medication, and housing. They are SICK.

More fake sluts and ugly, nosey, horny lesbians blocking my shine: A shorter human lifespan

Alot of the nasty hoes that bully me can’t even carry a baby to full term. They lose it or kill it before it is even born. I see why they don’t want me to be a mother and raise my children on my own. I see why they want me to get beaten and sold to multiple different men. I see why they exclude me. I see why they want to make me look mentally ill and crazy. I see why they bully me and harass me and lie to no end. They are sick clown whores, and I want to die every single second I’m around them. Most of them are an eyesore and painful to look at, let alone hear. I see why they are so disgusting and sickening towards me. Their smile and their face makes me nauseated. They get more evil, gross, disgusting, and selfish with each passing day. I never even had the balls to jump off a cliff yet, something the funky people encourage me to do ALOT. Different groups of people have been mistreating and abusing me for 17 years.

There are so many nasty gays all around me trying to harm me that I literally want to die every day of my living, breathing, life. Trying to survive people that are that harmful and gross to me is similar to a cancer patient on their death bed trying to survive cancer. My lifespan is very, very, short around them. I cant survive in the wilderness without proper heat and ventilation for so long. Eventually the gays, swingers, and christians will harm me again.

Faggot women are very, very, slow and brutal. They make me repeat myself often and they still act illiterate snd skank like they don’t understand me. They were born in America and still don’t comprehend English very well. Thats one of the reasons I quit being a substitute school teacher. The kids grew up to be super dumb and retarded, and didn’t learn anything because their parents were too disgusting and unconcerned. I couldn’t take it.

Other things lesbians do that annoy me

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

When I go to the store, the cashiers still refer to me as “baby” “sweetheart” “honey” “boo” or “girl” or “girl-aa”. I do not refer to women in that manner, and it irritates the fuck out of me when they call me that instead of “mam” or “señorita”. It’s very violating. It’s super messy and very ghetto looking. I can tell they’re being dug out and thotted out to the max. I also don’t like when they compliment me on my clothes or outfit. It’s gay. Do not tell me I look good in my outfit. I don’t wanna hear it. I will carry the fuck out of you right in your face and ignore your fake compliment. I don’t need your validation to feel good about myself. Even their compliments sound fake, gross, and unpure coming out of their mouth. The disgusting whores are fake, and they aren’t really being there for me. Keep your compliments to yourself if you aren’t complimenting or supporting my work or music.

I’m not interested in humping any of you horny ,dirty, bitches. Please leave me alone. My birthday is this month. I will be 34. I have a mind to think for myself and I’m not interested in females controlling me. I do not want a female pimp, a madam, nor do I want to strip, have sex with you, or sell my body to men for you. I am not interested in having a threesome/orgy with you and your friends. That is the reason bitches will continue to hurt me, isolate me, talk down, and harm me. The reason is because they are LESBIAN & BISEXUAL.

I am not interested in fighting, killing, catching a new charge, or arguing with you funky ass, nasty, piece of shit, incest having, nosey, slut-face, dirty, trashcan-smelling, no class-having whores. The nasty married incest- swingers and bisexual gay hoes keep calling me a loser and a crazy girl after they mentally harm me and take from me. They just want way too much attention. Attention that their funky, stinking-smelling husbands should be giving them. They also keep saying they no one will ever believe my side of the story, which happens to be the only true thing they have ever said about me. Their husbands hate me and bully me because I won’t fuck their faggot ass wives and I don’t want their unnatural faggot-pussies. They are superior and racist acting, and they believe I’m into that type of stuff, despite my 17 year cry for help.