The reason I don’t want a bodyguard anymore 

I spent months looking for protection, and I finally came to the conclusion that I have so many ENEMIES that it’s useless. They just multiply like flies that lay eggs. Bodyguards suck other bodyguards off anyway. They’re not going to protect me. They cost way too much money and people can still shoot at them. A lot of them don’t even have their body armor game up. They should be in full body armor from head to boots. Just all black won’t work. Those police looking tactical vest aren’t enough either. Why they never wear bulletproof helmets? Bodyguards suck. They should look something like the cartel not a busted bully wearing all black and a face mask. I can do that myself. I do not want to hire anyone anymore. I also refuse to give married men money. What do I look like being a single mother for 17 years and then pay some married man for any type of work or assistance. I’m not going to give a married man money to take care of his stinking wife. If I find out you’re married, I’m firing you. Honestly, That’s the main reason I canceled my “Blue Sky” music video shoot in Baltimore, Maryland. It wasn’t because I couldn’t afford it. The director told me he was married. I immediately became uninterested in helping support his funky little family. I won’t get anywhere. They’ll just bully me and look down on me like all the other fake, greedy, families in America. Another reason I canceled is because I don’t have any actors for the set and I have A-LOT of restrictions, so the actors probably aren’t interested. Molly and crack won’t be available for them, nor do I allow homosexuals on the set.