The sickening gay bullies in the DMV area, North Carolina, California, New York, Florida, Georgia, and across America, the Caribbean, and Mexico have completely isolated me 

It seems as though the whole east and west coast is infected with fags, homos, poverty, AIDS, obesity, and disease. Those kind of people tell the worse lies on me. Now, they all look like they smell like a pound of fish & chips mixed with feces and garbage. They harass me. They stalk me. They spy on me. They try to rape me. They beat me. They judge me. They do alot of SICK unnatural things to me out of jealousy, cruelty, narcissism, and hate. I woke up today feeling violated as usual. Sick to the stomach, skin crawling-the works. I don’t feel like I can travel anywhere anymore without being attacked by a bunch of sloppy, sickening-looking people. In several states throughout the east and west coast including Virginia, several years ago, hundreds of homosexual men raped me and sold me on the internet. Then they all stalked and harassed me for the last decade. I only went there looking for a change. Looking for better opportunities to raise myself and two children. They didn’t care.

I was also molested multiple times by bisexual female undercovers whom I assumed were only into men, when I was a dancer at a strip club. They tried to force themselves on me while I was working/dancing at private parties and at the clubs. They didn’t get very far. All they did was feel me up and touched me inappropriately. Everywhere I went all the gays, swingers, and sickos knew I was a poor dancer. They treated me very, very, dirty and unfairly. Especially in the institutions and churches. I eventually learned that they had extremely exaggerated and lied about what actually happened. I don’t “bump pussies”, have lesbian orgies, get body/facial piercings, have threesomes, cross-dress, use sex toys, or kiss women in the mouth. Those were things that they were into, not me. That is why I quit speaking to the same gender. Local men kept trying to make me sleep with their girlfriends after I was molested, and I kept telling them no. I started going to jail more, because the lesbians and gay men wouldn’t stop bullying me and trying to rape me. It started to sicken me. They started to spy to get their sick fetishes off. They’re still spying to this day. They kept saying no one will ever believe me. I felt so alone. I knew I had to get out of the life before those greedy monsters set me up for good. Men kept picking on me after the molestation calling me every name in the book. I’ve hated myself every since. I never want to be around women/hoes ever again. I don’t feel safe around them. Everytime I’m around a group of women (by force) my stomach sinks and I walk with my head down. They are pimping and finessing me just about everywhere. It’s too painful. They are too gross to look at. They keep trying to rape me and they don’t believe that I’m not really a lesbian or a bisexual person. It’s gross. They try to make me feel so disgusting, unnatural, and nasty, that I just want to die. The gay community (including bisexual couples who don’t believe they are gay) try to apply so much pressure, that I can barely survive their hate, lies, diseases, and selfishness. They are just absolutely disgusting. 

I never want to look at or speak to another female ever again in life. They’re disgusting. I cant heal. They’re too gay, sick, unfriendly, unsupportive, bossy, nasty, gross and homosexual. Men never come to my rescue or beat them up or protect me from them. They just start acting and dressing up like the lesbians too. They always count me out when I turn down being gay. A woman’s touch is the most unnatural, unpleasurable touch in the world. The feeling of them staring at my body, feeling me up or touching me, will make me produce a whole bath tub full of vomit in a week. The men that tell them to treat me that way, make me produce three times as much vomit. 

I learned to notice red flags so It won’t happen again. I also have to stay away from men who might force their wives or girlfriends on me, then to make me look like a nasty sex worker and stripper. They always get away with molesting people inside their apartment and houses. They will try to make me look like a pathetic homewrecker while they keep their family together. There are a lot of sickos out there. I do not want to play on their turf anymore.