Abusive counselors: The reason I still hate counseling and therapy sessions 

Simply put, they suck, and they’re a waste of money. Most of them are skank, and think they can relate to ones problems, but they can’t. Being a wild party head, fiend, adulterer, liar, or a sloppy person does not make you a good counselor. Their advice is similar to taking advice from a pig. Most of them look like they can’t add one plus one. I don’t like talking to women counselors/therapist because women are gay and bi. I don’t like taking advice from men, because-well, the same reason. I don’t see a purpose in talking to a shrink. I don’t like the way they look. They look dirty. I’ve even seen therapists that I went to high school with posting on a Therapist.com. They looked funkier and gayer than a pound of three month old bread with mold. Their appearances make them look like they smell like hundreds of boxes of mothballs. I’ve never had any good luck with that site or anywhere else for that matter. They are narcissistic, abusive, and gay. Point blank. Therapist and shrinks are no different than the fags you see in the back alleys sucking d**k for dope and crack. I haven’t spoken to a therapist that isn’t a rainbow yet or a selfless person yet.