America does not look like the richest country in the world: Now couldn’t be a better time to flee the United States 

As a migrant, I can honestly say I’ve seen more drama in the U.S. than a 90 year old senior citizen and war vet. Being in America feels like being in the Taliban in the middle east. Everyday feels like being in Baghdad and Afghanistan. Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck in Ukraine. I still can’t uncover myself. They don’t want to see. There is so much war. I don’t see any different between the four countries. The U.S. doesn’t look first world to me like it’s supposed to. It never has. I’ve witnessed and experienced first hand, death, a pandemic, evictions, extreme poverty, racism, rape, physical assaults, natural disasters and electricity shortages, incarceration, and gross negligence back to back. That isn’t the only thing I’ve seen. I’ve witnessed more human trafficking than the average person, something I no longer wish to see. I also do not wish to witness anymore homosexuals. Unfortunately, I have to die in the U.S. I still can not fly anywhere with a Pit bull due to the ESA ban. The ban breaks my heart to the core. I can not put my animal on the Queen Mary cruise ship in New York, because I do not want to go to England. England sounds like a very, very, bad, evil, bloody location that is infested with gangs and hate. That is not my type of turf. The only place I can take her too is Mexico. The thought of going to Canada sounds bland and uninteresting. I don’t know anything about Toronto or anywhere else in Canada and quite frankly, I don’t want to. 

I don’t let what I see on TV fool me. My next trip is not going to be a glitzy, glamorous vacation. None of my trips were. I’ve never seen anything rich and glamorous before. I’m always in the most poorest, most crime infested, dirtiest, trenches in America. There is no hope of ever escaping poverty-anywhere in the entire world. That means, wherever I go, I have to be prepared for the absolute worst. 

Unfortunately, I’m going to take my sweet time going over to Mexico because I’m afraid my tan won’t be accepted once I cross the border. Maybe it’ll be some other dumb reason I get killed or murdered. I just know that Santa Muerte will protect me like never before.