Minding my business like never before: Living in complete seclusion is wonderful and beautiful 

I love being alone. I’m so clean and pure, I feel like a virgin. It’s about as peaceful and safe as it gets. Chilling in the sun, sipping ice cold lemonade on a private beach, or watching the starry night sky in the city while sipping a glass of wine, couldn’t be more relaxing. Especially when I’m by myself, which is 100% of the time. I don’t have to worry about faggots beating me up, enemies trying to murk me, lairs, funky funny-looking dykes, haters, racist white-trash crackers that smell like hog trucks and horse manure, people that are infected with diseases, dirty-looking interracial couples and kids, nosey people, and groups of nasty, phoney, fake, greedy, unconcerned, jealous, racist slops. If they come close, I just immediately shoo them away. I also don’t have to be around women with tons of caked up make up on their face or look at ugly, dirty gang members. It’s wonderful. I get to site see, travel the world, and enjoy beautiful scenery each and every day without infected, bisexual, abusive, sickening, copycat, gross, hoodlums, and yucky-acting, people around me that I don’t ever want to meet or see again. The world is huge, and there are a lot of exciting adventures awaiting.

I will never hang around another sickening female or homosexual, dirty, gay man ever, ever, ever, ever, again. Those gay and bi dudes look just like those fishy, funky women that always pick on me. Men having sex with men. Women having gay orgies with all of their best friends. I can no longer tell the men faggots and women faggots apart. They are all ruthless, gay predators in heat. They have to be in heat for each other, not me. I do not want to be anywhere near those ghetto, infected, inbreeding, hillbillies. They only want to be known. It is not my job to make them famous. That’s what they have each other for. Just like the dead, they are deceased to me, and I no longer know that they exist. I no longer wish to seek closure about their actual whereabouts. Whether they are alive or dead is none of my business. This is only the beginning of my journey. Spending the rest of my life in solitude free of hate and diseases couldn’t get any better than this. I am not lonely. I have the universe, and the creator of it to connect with. What an exciting experience!