A strong surviver: My pit bull is suffering from terminal cancer 

Chelsey, a 10 year old, senior pit bull, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Dr. Miller, a vetniarian at Suffolk Animal Hospital, confirmed the deadly virus earlier this afternoon, after receiving the pit bulls biopsy results. Chelsey, Obinidodo’s emotional support animal, recently had surgery to remove a mass on March 16th, 2022. Chelsey made a full recovery from the surgery, but is still struggling to survive. “There is not much we can do to stop the disease from spreading, but I can refer you to a specialist where she can receive chemotherapy” stated Dr. Miller. Chelsey is going to start chemo later this month. Chelsey just turned 10 years old this past December.  

Thea Arnold, also known by her Orisha given rap name Oya Obinidodo, adopted the pit in Los Angeles at the East Valley shelter in 2020, after losing her father to a drowning. “I needed all the support I could get, and this pit has been nothing but loyal to me” Arnold told the press. “She always makes sure I’m safe”. Chelsey will be going hunting, one of her favorite activities , later this month. “Just because she has cancer, doesn’t mean she is going to sit still. She still loves the outdoors and hunting. She is very excited about the mountain adventure, has a huge smile on her face, and can’t stop wagging her tail.” Arnold stated.