My emotional support animal just died of terminal cancer (Parental Advisory Warning)

Warning: the content of this article is extremely graphic-please be advised

Nauvoo, IL – My best friend and emotional support animal, Chelsey, was found dead early this morning around 5am. Chelsey was a 10 year old mixed breed senior pit bull, who had multiple health problems, including cancer. It was heartbreaking seeing my beloved animal deceased. She loved camping, hunting, and dog runs. She had recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer and was scheduled to go to chemotherapy on April 13, 2022. Unfortunately she did not make it. I was unable to determine the type of cancer she had, but it had started to spread. She had difficulty breathing, and was in a lot of pain. She was my best friend, my companion, and the emotional support that she provided me, will never be forgotten. She was adored and loved everywhere we went. She never had to fight other animals. I wanted her to be safe, and to spend her last days doing what she loved best- Camping outdoors. Her memory will be with me forever. I loved her more than any other animal I’ve ever met. She will be missed.

In loving memory of Chelsey (my beloved 10 year old pit bull mix and ESA) , just days before she passed away from terminal Cancer