Marijuana THC levels at dispensaries across America

Quincy, IL– I’ve been smoking marijuana since I was a kid. Over the past two years, I’ve been keeping track of all of the strands I’ve smoked. I’ve shopped at dispensaries all across America. The marijuana in the Midwest, is extremely, extremely, expensive, but the quality is much better. The dispensaries on the East and west coast parts of the U.S. are a lot more affordable. My favorite Dispensary in Los Angeles, California, is Wonderland. In Chicago- Zen Leaf, and last but not least, my favorite dispensary in Washington, DC, is The Safehouse. 

I’ve arranged each strand I’ve smoked since 2020 in order of three levels. Level three is the least potent strands with THC levels  up to 24%. Level two strands with THC levels up to 27%. Level one strands are the most potent with THC levels up to 33%. The list is below. 

Level 3 (lower) ((Avoid when possible)

peach cobbler 17%

Pink cookies 20%

Warlock 14-20%

Black Diamond 18-24%

Lemon cake 22%

OG kush 17%

Alien OG 18%

SupaNova 17%

Creamsicle 17-22%

Blue frost 17-22%

Cherry Krush mints 13-23%

Slim 15-22% (taste bad )

Fire OG 19%

Banana OG 22%

Gorilla glue 20%

Wedding cake 22%

Ice cream cake 22%

Girl Scout cookies 19%

Pineapple Express 17%

Northern lights 16%

Trainwreck 17% (weak)

Cookies and cream 20%

Tahoe OG 18%

Birthday cake 20%

Level 2 (second) 

White gushers 15-25%

Skunk Og 17-25% 

Spacemints 25%

Lemon haze 17-25%

Grape OG 17-25%

Papaya 19-25%

Pink Runtz (calming) 22-25%

Sour Diesel 17-27%

Bubba Kush 17-27%

Level 1 (Top)

very strong ,potent, bright, and sour in color

*Chem de La Chem 27%

*Clementine 17-28%

*peanut butter breath 20-28%

*clementine 29%

*Guava cake 28-30%

* Runtz 19-29%

*Lemon Cherry 19-33%

*Apple Tart 30.9%

*GG4 18-30% 

*Boss OG 20-30%

*Dog Walker 31% 

*Florida cake 24-32% 

•Kosher Dawg 31%

*Green lime 33% 

*GMO cookies 20-33%